Tip: WordPress Permalinks Structure For Healthy SEO

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When you start a website on WordPress it is certain that you have to do some basic steps for your site. From these basic settings you chose a suitable title for your site then you set a suitable description for your site. Before you start posting just wait a while and check your permalinks setting because it ver important for healthy search engine optimization SEO. So in this article we will explain what are permalink and how can you change then in WordPress.

What is Permalinks ?

As your site has proper URL like CreariveCrunk.Com A permalink is also a URL which is different for each post or entry of your website. For example for page named ” About Us ” the permalink will be ” “. A permalink is also called a permanent link.

Permalink Structure is Important Why ?

The structure of permalinks in your site are important because search engine will keep you on top if you have written rich keyword in your permalinks. If you do not change your setting in WordPress the permalink will be as ” ” in this permalink the post id is used. So search engine will fail to identify the topic of your post and you will left behind in search results. So write a permalink in which the post title is used so that your keywords could be read by search engine i.e ” ” 

How To Change Permalinks In WordPress ?

So here we learn how to change permalinks in WordPress. To change permalink setting go to your dashboard >> From the left menu Move to ” Settings ” and then Click on ” Permalinks ” >> Now you are here as shown in image below

WordPress Permalinks Structure For Healthy SEO


So from these settings chose a suitable permalink structure like post name or make a custom setting for your own choice permalinks. If you want to write different permalink for each post just see the option below the post title while writting a post in WordPress editor. So friend this how we can manage permalinks in WordPress and we have also explained their importance. Hope you have find this article helpful . Please Let us Know In Comments ….

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