4 Web Design Trends to Watch out For 2016

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As a brand, you need to stand out. If you haven’t updated the look of your website in a long time, do it now! Web design trends have never been as influential as it is today. You should be aware of all the top web design trends for the year 2016.
Can anyone forget the GIF’s of the 90’s, or the more recent up-to-date focus on flat design?

Just like any other branch of design, web design trends keep changing in leaps and bounds along with due course of time. And unlike all the other fields, web design is driven by a single force: technology!

2015 has been quite an innovative year when it comes to web design – fewer templates, frameworks and more of storytelling, innovation, experimentation and character. The current trend is the surge of the popular responsive web design, as more and more websites are joining the ‘mobile ready’ league which is extremely important with Google’s latest Mobile Friendly update.

If you are a leading iPhone or Android app development company, do remember – your website’s design is a vital part of your brand’s marketing efforts – not to forget your sales and customer service efforts too. Here are the hottest web design trends we have rounded up that are all set to dominate the exciting 2016.

Material Design Stays

Material design

Google’s biggest release last year, it’s packed with color, refreshed typography, iconography and a very stable interface hierarchy. Over the past year and current one, there’s been a slight change in the form of adopting Google’s Material Design as a medium for User Interface presentation and development. This trend indicates the shift towards smartphones being used by customers to check access the internet, as compared to the desktop or computer.

Packed with highly promising goals and principles, many websites have followed suit and shifted to the latest trend in web design, thus implementing material design principles for their respective websites.

Keep Scrolling

Remember the time when scrolling a website back in the 90’s used to be a pain? Most users would have to drag their mouse cursor to the right of the screen, to use something extremely ancient which was known as the ‘scrollbar’.

The recent times have ushered in a new way of getting across what you want on the website, it’s easier to scroll instead of clicking. On your Smartphone or tablet, scrolling is a breeze simply with your thumb or index finger.

So, the current trend implies scrolling is here to stay and is not going anywhere. More and more websites are going to be built around scrolling first and clicking would be second. The latest websites have lesser items to be clicked and calls for more scrolling. Hence we are going to witness, lesser links, more and more buttons, larger clickable areas on the page and extremely tall pages that need to be scrolled.

Flat Design is Still in

Flat Design

Similar to skeuomorphic design, flat design can be largely defined by simplicity with colors, shapes and typography that is easy on the eye and also highlights usability and easy navigation. However, this trend has also been slightly controversial as critics have commented that flat design has absolutely no future and must be forgotten, whereas the supporting user experience designers has declared it to be a milestone in the world of user experience and user interface design.

 Flat design provides users with mess-free content, visually pleasing design and with the focus majorly on content; flat design is all set to gain more popularity next year!

Loud Typography and Color

Using color within branding and logo creation is a vital marketing tool, and so the use of typography to strike users and convey important messages to the onlooker. Every UX designer is aware of the concept, but sadly due to technical constraints in terms of choosing the appropriate font and layout, legal issues, and in some cases availability also most of the designers aren’t free to go wild. Things are changing by 2016!

Loud Typography and Color

Over the recent years, typography has advanced as web fonts are now readily accessible to everyone, owing to which we’ve already seen a major shift in the way typography is visible online.

So, colors stay mute and with designers and brands going bold and wild, fonts getting a makeover are a clear indication that 2016 is in for a lot of color and a whole lot of bold typography!

As seen from the above trends predicted by respected designers, 2016 promises us wild typography, responsive design, material design and emphasis on speed and user experience (UX)/ user interaction (UI).

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