Tips:To Increase Visitors Time Spend On Your Website

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For An Website Owner Visitor is Very Importent Guest. Website Depends On Targeted Visitors, You Can Make Your Site

Attractable For Visitors To Spend More Time On Your Site. There Are Many Ways To Achive This Goal Some Are Mentioned Below.

Site Navigation

Never Confuse Visitors Most website visitors come looking for something, so help them to locate it. If they are happy with the navigation and the website, they are bound to visit you more.

User Friendly Content

You have an excellent design and a good loading time but your content is not user-friendly then your visitors will more likely to leave without reading.

 Use headings, paragraphs and normal English that is easy to understand for for your visitors.

Related Posts

This is a read operation or after the completion of reading the entire article, click on the link to the next one, or of a natural human tendency. WordPress Related Posts Plugin for WordPress you can accomplish this with the help of a great take. This is the best and easy way to increase your site’s page views is one. 

Internal Linking

Internal linking increases the pageviews per visitor. And if it increases, the total time per visitor will also increase. All you have to do is when writing a new post, find some related posts from your blog archives and add text links of them in your new article.


In today’s context, means a lot of great content, a great piece of writing copy, or a complex problem, or a breaking news article provides a solution that is more than a single piece. Visual satisfaction with the web reader will consume more and more content and pages. Post to your blog more visually appealing, user friendly and you have a good graphics and soothing colors, have to use. Your posts, pages and entire blog to be user friendly layout. Blog with user friendly navigation, the appropriate areas of the graphics on your site, readers will spend more time. More page views means more time and cost. – See more at:

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