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As the saying goes, “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”. The same goes for an attractive email design. Email marketing acts as a reliable source to drive sales and also helps in strengthening customer relationship with the business. It is a prime opportunity that helps in selling products and services by encouraging engagement with the reader. To make your emails stand out in the crowd, it is important to have elements that are rich in color, fonts and images. This blog lists down important tips that help businesses in earning more revenue online:

Inclusion of videos:

Inclusion of videos

Adding videos to the emails increases click through rate. They are fairly easy to be designed with minimal resources. There are some email clients like Gmail and Outlook that do not support the requirement for videos to be played directly inside the emails.

Videos are significant for the marketing plans. They draw attention of viewers and go viral quickly. It is important to shoot great videos and keep them interesting and short to grab the attention of audiences. A video email is likely to make more impact on viewers as they respond more positively to a product or service after watching its video.

Clear and large CTA’s:


An incredible email design should encompass CTA that elicits action on the part of user. Prominent CTA is very important for any kind of email. It is important to make sure that the CTA available in the email design stands out. It should be powerful and look clickable. People should be willing to click on them. CTA’s act as a map that directs readers to take an immediate action.

Including CTA’s in your email direct readers to take an action. It is important to include CTA’s to get the greatest possible ROI from your campaign.

Responsive email design:

Responsive email design

Email designs that look great on mobile devices are the ones that are really appreciated. This is extremely important since more than half of emails are accessed via mobile devices. Sometimes designs that look great on desktop end up appearing sloppy on mobile devices. There are so many email marketing platforms that allow you to preview your designs both on desktop and mobile devices.

Formatting images:

No matter how many images you use, make sure to size them correctly for your email template. Addition of CSS styles to images ensures that they are displayed correctly in clients that support alt tags.

Use of right fonts:

font size

A maximum of two fonts must be used in your emails. One for the headlines and subtitles and another for the copy and body. This will give your emails a finish and prevent them from looking confusing. Use of standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia and Courier are great for readability and are mostly preferred, however there are other fonts that can also be used. You need to make sure that the font is readable. For body, font size 14-16 is generally accepted as standard.

Usage of logo in the same location each time:

email size

It is important to build your brand with every marketing email sent by you. One way to do is this by including logo in the email communication. The best thing that can be done is including it in the same location each time while sending out newsletters. It can be situated in the header or somewhere else in the email.

Keep the size up to 600 px wide:

This is recommended width for a desktop design. This avoids unnecessary scrolling here and there. Emails do not get displayed on the entire screen. The size of boxes might vary but 600 pixel ensures that the entire width of your email displays in a user’s preview box.

An interesting part about e-mail marketing is that you do not have to be an expert in designing attractive campaigns. There are many e-mail marketing providers who offer pre-designed templates. There are still a lot of options available for customization with those email templates. They can be in the form of colors, font size, text usage and so on. With the help of tips given above, you can create emails that look great and also offer outstanding results.

So, give a solid start to your email marketing strategy by considering the points given above. These points when implemented wisely can bring revenues and attract customers, thereby helping in the expansion of business.

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