TemplateMonster Vendor Case Study. How to Earn on the Digital Marketplace

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TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace Story of Growth and Development


TemplateMonster doesn’t stop surprising the web community. The quality of website templates and add-ons that they sell is unparalleled. The giant theme provider has learned the preferences of web users and the current web tendencies well enough in order to take the next grand step of their development. In August 2017, TemplateMonster has become a digital marketplace. Now, everyone who is eager to sell ready-made products to the wider web community can achieve this while becoming a vendor at


The marketplace lets vendors sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products from one account. Vendors can earn up to 70% commission from each sale. Non-exclusive items can bring the maximum of 40% to their developers. The terms and conditions of selling items on the digital marketplace lure vendors from the worldwide. One of them is the web design studio from Minsk, Belarus. A small team of only 5 webmasters managed to generate 300 sales of the 2 themes submitted to the marketplace within a couple of months. How? We’ve decided to reach them for an interview to learn more details.


TemplateMonster: Hi, Alexander. Thank you for having agreed to the interview. Could you please tell us a little bit about your team?

Alexander: Hi! Our team is not that numerous at all. We are a team of 4 web developers based in Minsk, Belarus. We also have a web designer from Pakistan who works remotely. We get in touch with him via Skype whenever we need to discuss details of the new projects. He is a talented guy who knows how to please every customer.

The thing that is so special about all members of our team is that all of us are self-taught. We are not afraid of challenges and look for the new opportunities of self-growth. As for me, I was working as a train driver before I decided that I wanted to try working as a web developer. The effort was worth it.

For a long time, all of us were working from home. Just recently, we have decided open an office in order to work more productively together. We do not have any set working hours. The working day may start at 10 AM and finish at 10 PM. We can also work until the sunrise.

That’s what I often did before my daughter Caroline was born this spring. I often stayed near her day and night, so I spent a couple of months at home babysitting. Now, I am back in the game and open for the new challenges. Becoming a vendor in the TemplateMonster digital marketplace gives us a unique chance to join a community of the creative webmasters from all over the world makes our own projects accessible to the wider online community.

TemplateMonster: What were the most common issues that you faced when you started to build websites?

Alexander: We started off building custom-made sites for our clients. In most cases, we developed small web design projects running on our own CMS. Later on, we decided to start building sites on the basis of Magento and PrestaShop.

It took us too much time to create custom designs from scratch, which wasn’t cost-effective at all. Moreover, the clients often wanted more than just a well-built site. They started to order extensions for their web projects. As the number of such requests started to grow, we realized that people really needed that kind of service, and started to sell our modules on PrestaShop add-ons.

TemplateMonster: What was the story of the first website template creation?


Alexander: More and more often the clients came to us in the search of the creative web designs that do not involve big investments. So, we decided to create several templates and present those to our customers. Surprisingly, they enjoyed what we offered. So, we started building sites on the basis of themes. The first templates included a few features and just a couple of design elements. Still, this was enough for the demands of our customers at the beginning. The sites were launched within a few days, that’s why we started to grow the inventory with more cool designs. If you take a look at the themes that we sell now, you will probably notice that we’ve made a big step forward.

TemplateMonster: How do you understand that you are on the right way?

Alexander: We always listen to the opinion of our customers about the products that we sell. With the growing number of requests to start producing WordPress templates, we decided to start working with the most popular CMS also. We also used the Visual Composer to make it easier to handle ready-made designs.

 TemplateMonster: What’s it like to sell themes in the marketplace?

Alexander: We knew about TemplateMonster before we decided to join the platform as a vendor. In Spring 2017, we submitted a couple of themes. At the moment, the total number of sales of these two themes has exceeded 300.

The first one was Elbrus WordPress theme. It includes visual page builder, which makes it a more lucrative solution for the beginner webmasters and those users who simply want to save time on the theme customization. The creative design and the features that the template included were in demand with the audience, so we decided to expand its functionality with more homepage design variations and extra customization options.

The second theme that we added to the marketplace was Clinic. This is a multi-purpose theme featuring 10+ the homepage layouts, a number of ready-made sections to choose from, WooCommerce integration, premium plugins, a set of the working forms, and a handful of other functionalities.

TemplateMonster: What are your plans for the near future? What recommendation can you give to the webmasters who are only thinking about joining the marketplace?

Alexander: In the future, we will continue growing the collection of website templates in the marketplace with more digital products. There are about 50 ready-made designs for micro niches that we expect to become available for the public to access soon. As per the advice that I can give to other web developers, I think the most important thing is to be passionate about the things that you do. Do not be afraid of experiments and believe in your success.

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