Slash Comment Spam – How to Deal with them?

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Spam comments are a huge problem for website owners. Not only it makes the website prone to hacks, but also causes it to lose search engine rankings. A website is likely to receive more spam comments if it’s a popular one. And nothing’s more annoying than having to spend half of your time to flag them spam.


If you are also seeking a way to slash these spam comments off your websites, you are at the right place. We have gathered simple yet effective ways to deal with the problem.

1. Keep comments in Moderation

WordPress itself comes with many options to prevent spam comments which are just waiting to be discovered. There is a section named “Before a comment appears” in the WP discussion settings page. You can control the flow of comments on your website with the help of this option. You need to enable “comment must be manually approved” to prevent approving comments by default. This way, you can keep track of all the comments on your site and manually approve and unapproved them.


You can also enable “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option which makes the process even easier. This is a more practical option since it holds the first comment of the commenter in moderation. Once approved, the subsequent comments are approved automatically.

2. Use Comment blacklist


Comment blacklist is the most underrated feature of WordPress. Moreover, a majority of people are not even aware of this feature. The main functionality of comment blacklist feature is to block all the IP addresses from where you are persistently receiving spam comments. It also allows you to block commenters by content, name, email address, or URL.

3. Install anti-spam plugins

There are hundreds and thousands of Third Party Anti-spam Plugins which can be used to keep track of spam comments and also prevent them. One of the most common and popular anti-spam plugin is Akismet. WordPress does come along with Akismet. It is developed by the developers of WordPress that send spam comments directly to spam folder. Akismet is an effective tool to deal with comment spam.

Here are some other effective and useful third-party plugins to check out:

    • Anti-spam
    • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
    • WP Anti Spam
    • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk
    • Spam Free WordPress


4.Delete all spam comments


Spam comments can badly affect the SEO of your website. Even if you don’t approve them, you should keep them in moderation for long. Either delete them or flag them as spam to get rid of them permanently from your website.

5. Modify .htaccess file to slash comment spam

You probably are aware of the .htaccess. It is a hypertext access file which configures files used by Apache-based web servers. Editing this file can help you tighten the security of the WordPress and prevent spam comment permanently.

Add this code below the rest of the code

You need to replace with your own domain name. These lines of code only block spam comments and not manually human-written comments.

As a matter of fact, there are many options available for preventing this problem. All you need to do is explore, discover and use.

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