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Today, smartphones and tablets have indeed become two integral components of our lifestyle. With more than a whopping million smartphones being put to use everyday, it’s hard to realize your dream of a successful business without optimizing it for the mobile technology. Thanks to WordPress, we can now, not only build a website but even create a stunning mobile application out of it in an easy and quick way. Reactor is one such tool that has worked as the right option for turning your current WordPress website into a mobile app. Continue to stay on this blog as I’ll be highlighting everything about this remarkable tool known as Reactor.


Reactor- A detailed overview

If you’re interested in building fast, beautiful app for your WordPress powered website, then Reactor is the tool for you. Offering you the flexibility of integrating the WordPress website content into the app, Reactor is a complete blessing for app builders. It has everything that’s required for building a great mobile app that’s rich in features and functions. Reactor leverages the innovative WordPress API which allows AppPresser to build a rich, pleasing experience to the app user. Talking about the pricing, well, Reactor is a premium tool that’s available at a monthly subscription price of leaset $29 per month. Moreover, if you’re inclined on receiving the eCommerce integration feature, then you’ll be expected to pay an amount of $99. Not a good fit for small bloggers, Reactor is a perfect match for individuals and companies which are already making great money via their WordPress website and want to earn more income with the help of a native application.

Reactor’s features supersede the ‘Classic’ features of AppPresser

As is visible from the live demo of Reactor, the features of this WordPress powered mobile app creator overshine the features available with AppPresser app creator. Here’s a look at some of the noteworthy features of Reactor which leave AppPresser users in a dilemma:

  • Flawless design customization options
  • Automatic app building
  • Flexibility to build and preview the app without the need for touching any app files
  • Integrated push notifications
  • Brilliant pre-built page templates
  • WordPress and non WordPress content
  • App stats
  • Offline capabilities and
  • Faster mobile apps

Now, let’s grab a better understanding of the stepwise procedure of creating a mobile app out of WordPress website:

Step 1- Install Reactor software program into your WordPress site

As the very first step you need to install Reactor- a core plugin into your WP site. Here, you simply need to go to your WP admin dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New and search for ‘Reactor’ and finally hit on ‘Install Now and Activate Plugin’ button. Doing this would connec your site to Reactor and you can further hit on ‘Login’ button for reaching Reacor dashboard that would assist you in building an app using your WordPress website.

Step 2- Add pages to your application

Just go to your Reactor interface and click on App Pages-> Add New for adding a new app page. You can choose from 9 different app page types including List, Photo Gallery, Media List, Text/HTML, Page from the WP site, WooCommerce, Card List, Google Map and WooCommerce Two Column. For creating app-specific pages which are entirely different from the website pages, you need to select “Text/HTML’ option.

Step 3- Build the app menu

After having created few pages, it’s time to build a unique menu for your app. For this, go to App Menu section available within the Reactor dashboard and tick the checkboxes for all the pages that you wish to include in the menu and finally hit on ‘Add to Menu’ button. Have a look at the below screen-shot:


After having created the menu, you can get on with using the drag and drop option for dropping app pages so as to re-order them as per your wish.

Step 4- Design and configure your app

Now, you can go to App Design section within the Reactor dashboard and click on ‘Add New’ for adding a new design and configuration for your app. You can choose to set the background color and font of your toolbar- all within a few minutes. Additionally, there is a live preview feature which allows you to view all the changes that are being made to the app’s design. Within the App Design screen, you should also provide a suitable name for your app, followed by synchronizing it with your existing WordPress website.

Step 5- Building the app

For building an app using Reactor, you’ll need to have a PhoneGap Auth Token which can be received by visiting PhoneGap’s official website. With an Auth Token handy, get on with pasting it into the most relevant field and you can get started with building the app. Now, tick the checkbox with a label as “Build App” and hit the ‘Update’ button. Do note if you’re interested in making any changes to the app’s structure, then you can choose to click on ‘Update your live app’ button. Here’s a screen-shot for this step:


Here, you’re even free to upload a best suited icon for your app in addition to an image that would be used as the app’s splash screen.

That’s it!


Reactor is definitely an excellent choice when it comes to building an app using your WordPress website. Hopefully, the details included here would have enabled you to take a quick walk over the correct usage of Reactor for developing awesome WordPress enriched mobile apps.

Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading mobile application development company. She provides concrete information on latest information on mobile technologies like iOS or Android development processes.

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