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The biggest question mark we have nowadays is whether online shopping is better or offline. The ongoing debate on this issue must be clearly put out to know the exact figures. Since some years now the online shopping industry has completely flared up to a point where people nowadays prefer online shopping. But we cannot neglect the fact that the traditional way of shopping is still considered the best by some.

ONLINE SHOPPING VS OFFLINE SHOPPINGWe see that more online shoppers are male than females. Age group above 26 usually tend to shop online as they prefer not going out in the sun and travel while in the conventional way.


Why Offline Shopping

The traditional way of shopping has its pros and cons. This way of shopping is  mostly prefered by girls who dedicate one entire day as a shopping spree day and they love doing it. Also few people, mostly the male customers feel  that traveling, roaming and tiring yourself for a pair of jeans is not worthwhile. So here I have broadly discussed the advantages and disadvantage of offline shopping.

Advantages of Offline Shopping:

  • Brings Happiness: Shopping is supposed to make you feel happy about yourself. It is a way of bringing fun and joy while doing it. It has its own joy when you try on clothes and ask your friends how it looks on you.
  • Experience the Item: you can physically be present near the collection you want to choose from and try out the clothes by yourself. Sometimes it is not prominent in the images. The texture and material of the fabric can be known.
  • Help and Recommendations from the Sales Staff: It is of great help when the sales person helps you in every step from choosing the correct size to providing you with choices of colours.


  • Product is with you Right Away: There is no requirement of waiting three to four days for the item when you can get it right away and therefore use it right then and there.
  • Returning the Product: returning the product can be done by the customer herself/himself and this will avoid delay and trust issues.


Disadvantages of Offline Shopping

  • Tiring: lot of us do not prefer walking long aisles and choosing our clothes. It will only make us tired and we will end up making the wrong decisions with the choice of our clothes.
  • Expensive: shopping for the things we require is not the only things associated with offline shopping. We go out to buy a stuff we will definitely spend on food and travel as well.
  • Lengthy: this process is too lengthy because it is feasibly not possible to complete all the sections of the shop and we end up missing out something we might like.


  • Crowd: we will definitely find queues outside fitting rooms and billing counters.
  • Compulsive shopping: Compulsive shopping can lead the customers to end up buying things they were not after at the first place, for example, upselling skills of the shopkeeper can make us buy stuff we didn’t want to buy, or sometimes compromising with our choices and buying just what they have.


Why Online Shopping

The ecommerce industry is the fastest growing market in today’s generation. We cannot ignore the fact that the online shopping business has been boomed tremendously in the last decade. It is quite evident that online market is trending to be more and more popular in the younger generation.


Advantages of Online Shopping

  • Convenient: A major factor that associates with shopping online is the convenience and comfort factor. Customers just sit and relax at home and browse the websites like flipkart just at their fingertips and buy the desired product. Also, the payment process is seamless delivered right at the doorstep.
  • Variety: Any brick and mortar store cannot keep the variety of collection a brand has, so online browsing is a better approach to go through all the types of collection a brand possess.
  • Comparison of Prices: We have the choice of comparing the prices of one item of a particular brand in different websites. With just a click of the button we will get to know the best prices all the websites are offering.
  • Availability: There are no compromises with the 24/7 availability of the market online. Suppose we remember a stuff to buy at the middle of the night, we can go online and buy it right away.
  • Offers: There are great online deals that offer exciting rebates and discounts that help not only in saving your money but it also helps you get used to buy stylish and favorite products in just a click of a button and that too at an unbelievable low price. Online websites like FreeKaaMaal offer discounts like Flipkart coupons, Amazon offers, etc that help you with availing all the discounts offers.
  • Privacy: While shopping online there is always a boundary that is being preserved. When you buy lingerie or private stuff you obviously don’t want the salesperson to be interfering you around.
  • Time Saving: the time that online shopping saves us cannot be neglected. We obviously do not have an entire day to spend just buying clothes or shopping for your house because time is essential to us and we would rather prefer spending it with family and closed ones.


Disadvantages of online shopping

  • Not physically present: one major disadvantage of shopping online is that you cannot physically touch the product.
  • Time consuming return: the return policies of the business can be a bit tricky when it comes to online shopping. The return is obviously possible but it takes time and that can be disturbing.

To conclude, I would like to like to bring into notice the tremendous increase in the online shopping that has taken place in the last cannot be ignored as it is going to overpower the shopping market in the next few decades.


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Pooja Sharma