Reasons Justifying The Need of Wireframes For Website

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The popularity of wireframes is growing, as more and more people are realizing its usefulness in the web design process. A wireframe is a visual representation or arrangement of a site’s content, which includes interface elements and navigational architecture in web design. Wireframes are typically simple sketches and drawings on a piece of paper, or can be turned into more elaborate digital versions using commercial software applications.

Wireframes allows project members and their clients perform a lot of things, such as:

  • See how the content is laid out.
  • Test navigation structure and revise it.
  • Evaluate the user interface design, including web forms and elements.
  • Promotes effective collaboration between team members and clients and more.

Let’s now look at some of the major benefits of creating a website wireframe – that makes them an important part of the design process, as listed below:

Make Design Changes a Breeze

Creating a web design is not a simple task, and takes a lot of time and efforts. Besides, since changes in design are inevitable, perhaps you may need to spend additional expense (amounting of thousands of dollars) to get a design overhaul. Especially, when you’re working on a client website project, there’s a greater possibility that you will receive multiple design changes.

Make Design Changes a Breeze

Want to redo the header section of your design? Do you want to make the footer a little smaller? Is your logo overshadowing the text? Making these changes can cost you additional time and expense.

However, with wireframes changes to the design can be made in no time and without spending extra bucks, regardless of whether you’re working on your own design or for your clients.

Makes Navigation Effective

One crucial factor that can make or break a design is, it’s navigational structure. People visit your site probably, because they’re interested in your offerings. However, if they cannot find exactly what they’ve been looking for, they will leave the site without a second thought. This is why, it becomes needful for you to create an intuitive website navigation design.

Makes Navigation Effective

However, creating an intuitive navigation design can give you a hard time. This is simply because you have all sorts of users, while some are web-savvy and can deal with multi-level navigation architecture, some others may seek for simple navigation design instead. Unfortunately, you may not get a chance to evaluate navigation before putting it to use.

Wireframes allow people to test the navigation: to see how it works; the ease with which they can find key elements; to determine the clarity of dropdown menus clarify and much more. Put it simply, wireframes can help you understand whether the navigational structure of your design is intuitive, or needs some improvement.

Fluid Creative Process

As we all know, a design cannot be perfect and is bound to have some imperfections. And so, delivering the web design to the client may not be the end of it. In simple words, a design is subjected to changes and since the client requirements keeps on varying, they will most likely ask you to make changes to the final design.

When working on a client project, providing a clear understanding of what is going to be developed can help you cope up with the changes in a better way. This is exactly what wireframe does. They provide a visual picture to the clients of their end-product. They can see how their website design looks like, can test the navigation and even measure how readable the content is.

Creating a wireframe makes the creative process more fluid, as it helps to address issues at an early stage, putting less strain on you to deal with serious deficiencies later on.

Generates Polished Design Without Much Hassle

Since wireframes can be easily redrawn based on client feedback, you can produce a more polished version of the design. In this stage, you will get a roadmap – based on which you can perform the design process – without thinking about how it needs to be done. Simply put, you can create the website design without wasting any time on getting the details about the contents you would want to incorporate in the design. Also, you won’t have to constantly stay in touch with the client to get feedback of every single phase of your design.

With the help of polished website wireframe, you can carry out the design process in a relatively quick and easy manner.

Wrapping Up!

Wondering, why you need a wireframe? Why you can’t start with the design process immediately? Remember, it is easier to create a website design when the process is clear to you. And with a wireframe, you know about your primary and secondary goals, which help you give a solid start. Reading this post will help you know about the some of the major reasons, as to why wireframe is needed in the web design process.


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