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Some of the mobile web trends that have been dominating the country since few years like Paytm and Uber push their users straight away to using their applications rather than their websites. While on the other side some web trends deal with the web experience as well. Which do you think is a better approach?

In a world of mobile phones and applications, there is a high chance that the websites will fade away. Nowadays there are a lot of Chinese manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi that has a lot of discounts and offers on them. In today’s generation, we see that the internet demonstrates a generous percentage of their activity searches are from mobiles. So it is really important that mobile web trends be improved rather than concentrating on websites.

Online Shopping


The mobile application is at its peak when it comes to internet shopping. The brick & mortar kind of store has been diminishing significantly after the start of online shopping. The most common mode of online shopping is no doubt from mobile phones. People usually love to browse the internet for shopping clothes, electronics and home appliances while they are travelling or get some free time from office. Due to these reasons, mobile apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay are making great benefits. The online shopping has some of the best benefits including conveniences, better varieties, fewer expenses, price comparisons, hold back on impulsive shopping, etc.

Flight Bookings

Flight Booking

In this generation of mobile web trends, there is hardly anyone who goes to an agent and books their flight tickets. Every one of us prefers to browse the mobile web for the best flight deals and offers. Also, one must not forget the immense benefits of booking a flight online. The prices there are legit and you do not have to pay some extra bucks to the middlemen. There are numerous benefits and offers on flights like the GoAir coupons and offers. One of the best part of using mobile apps is its ability to provide us with the best deals on flights and hotels in the places of our destinations.

Paytm Discounts & Offers

By far one of the best invention of a mobile app that is now our best friend. Paytm is an app that is actually money. When we miss out on cash paytm comes to our rescue. All the merchandises in India do not have the card payment facilities but when sometimes you are in a fix when you need something immediately. That’s when paytm comes to the rescue. There are numerous Paytm offers nowadays available that lets you get discounts on all your bills. Most of the merchandises have enrolled to Paytm in India so payments have made really easy. The use of paytm has expanded substantially across the country. Transactions of money has become so convenient and easy through paytm that many other similar apps have been launched. Some of them are PayPal, Mobikwik, etc.

Cab Bookings


The cab services like Uber and Ola have helped the Indian crowd to a large extent, especially for ladies. Travelling in an auto, bus or metro is always not feasible. For ladies, especially a service like this was much needed. Because as we all know travelling in an auto or a bus is not always safe. But the new system of cab services where we book a cab in just less than 1 minute and it arrives at around 5 minutes is really helpful. Nowadays the cab booking services have become so convenient and easy that you do not have to keep bothering your dad, husband or brother to drop you to any location. Just book a cab from your phone and enjoy the fastest services.


Mobile web trends have changed a lot in the last couple of years. Be it a mobile site based or application based, it has definitely helped the Indian crowd.

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