Key Points Involved In Designing A Stunning UX For Mobile

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What is the metric of distinguishing among two similar brands? Certainly the user experience and their user interface they render. Crafting an app which delivers an unfettered user experience is a prime focus for all the mobile app developers. User interface design is all about developing an app to strike a perfect balance between the functionality of the app and user requirement.

A closer look

People are yet not sure about what the terms user experience and user interface stands for. So, let us take a very simple example of a person. The outlook or physical appearance of a person defines a user interface, wherein how a person reacts or behaves can be termed as the user experience.

In short, user experience is how the app reacts when the users work on it and the user interface is more focused on the outlook and user interaction. These are the core concepts which one needs to pay grave attention while designing a mobile app.

While developing your mobile app keep the user first approach on your priority list. Having said that, you need to focus all your attention on what the end user require and what all things can irritate them and make them flea away. The end users are a rookie and hence you should keep this in mind and try to optimize the navigational path so as to provide a streamline browsing experience.


What to remember to get a perfect UI?



  • Make sure to render mobile friendly functionalities. Analyze beforehand that whether your mobile app caters to all their mobile needs or not. You need to be sure that the end users get a very powerful experience which matches to level of functionality.
  • We know that the users are the one’s which are going to use the app and hence you need to make sure that you design the core features in such a manner that the target audience can make out the most from it. Know your apps genre and then proceed accordingly. You also need to ensure that the user experience works in tandem with the features you wish to provide to your target audience.
  • If you are opting in for multimedia then it is very good and if you are not, then please do give it a thought. Now, if you are using multimedia then make sure to give users a better control over it. Do not just add media intrusively, rather place them subtly on your website.


What not to do to design a perfect UI?


  • Don’t mix up web user experience with that of mobililty. Some people think that designing a mobile friendly experience is nothing different from the web and hence they scale down the web elements for mobile friendly web development. This is where the mistake is as these are two different platforms with different needs and audiences.
  • App developers generally want to stuff in all their ideas which they think are a result of their creative genius. Wherefore, they forget what users are looking for. You need to build an app in accordance to the audiences. Get a proper feedback, mold as per the users and growth is necessary for a competitive mobile app.
  • There are app which are made up of no purpose and this is the result why they fail. Make an app which tends to any of the needs of the users. Unless you won’t be able to rise. Now if you will shock your potential user with a gleaming sign-up form , then you are certainly going to loose


UI frameworks you can count on!


Sencha is a well known name  in web & mobile developement world – this is most probably due to the response of  Mark Zuckerberg’s statement  “HTML5 Wasn’t Ready”.

Sencha was the framework which refuted the statement that HTML5 is perfectly ready for developing all the complex functionalities in mobile applications. Sencha Touch is Sencha’s  HTML5 based development platform which primarily focuses on apps that can run smoothly on mobile and this is focuses a lot more on providing  just features focused on widgets.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is one of the most widely used mobile framework – benefiting from an association with the nearly ubiquitous jQuery project. It is a jQuery based open source which renders a wide number of plugin developed by third parties along with some of the finest tools, extensions, themes and many more such stuff.

Kendo UI Mobile framework

Kendo UI  is another Mobile first  framework that has grown as  a performance oriented framework for developing mobile focused web along with hybrid  applications.  Kendo UI Mobile renders UI widgets and framework for building an extremely user friendly mobile app.  Kendo UI framework comprises of UI Mobil,  and this is both desktops as well as mobile oriented. Further, Kendo UI Dataviz  certainly renders best libraries for data visualization  available for both mobile and web users.



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