Some Inspiring Examples of Line Art Logo Designs

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Logo designing is an creative work and take much time of graphic designers to design a perfect logo. Inspiration is something that force designers to make some amazing things using their skills. So every designer get some ideas from other’s work or something around him. We are always sharing the best logo designs for all our visitors to get some inspiration from them.

In this article you will see some inspiring example of line art logo design to get inspiration and get a firm grip on line art designing. Line art is something that uses simple lines to draw amazing designs. In this list you will see many logos designed by line art and these logos will be a great source of inspiration.


Firefly Camps Logo – Matt Stevens

Firefly Camps Logo by Matt Stevens

Cosmos – Arturo Salazar

Cosmos – identidad corporativa by Arturo Salazar

The Final Frontier  – Kyle Harrison

The Final Frontier Logo by Kyle Harrison

Hatchery Logo – Steve Wolf

Hatchery Logo by Steve Wolf

Jake Blackman Brand Idenity – hayley smith

Jake Blackman Brand Idenity by hayley smith

MeetCard Logo – Telefunken Design S

MeetCard Logo by Telefunken Design S

Digital Craftsmen Logo – Jord Riekwel

Digital Craftsmen Logo by Jord Riekwel

Atrium logo – Boldflower Design Studio

Atrium logo by Boldflower Design Studio

Moxano Logo Boldflower Logo

Moxano Logo by Boldflower Logo

Socialstat Logo – Nick Kumbari

Socialstat Logo by Nick Kumbari

Bee Logo – Stevan Rodic

Bee Logo by Stevan Rodic

Space Cadet Logo – Justin Pervorse

Space Cadet Logo by Justin Pervorse

Airplane logo concept – Karpov

Airplane logo concept by Karpov

Copper88 Logo Concepts – Nick Bujnak

Copper88 Logo Concepts by Nick Bujnak

Trickling Tradition Logo – Emir Ayouni

Trickling Tradition Logo by Emir Ayouni

So friends! this is the power of line art that you can see in the above logo design examples. Hope you have liked these inspiring line art logo designs. please share to others on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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