Coming Soon Page” by Creativecrunk Team v1.0


"Behindme" is a modern and responsive coming soon page template with subscription form and countdown timer and contact form.


Contents of package

Zip package contains 3 folders:

  1. www
    • Contains all the main files to be uploaded to your web server.
  2. PSD
    • Contains layered image source files in PSD format.
  3. Documentation
    • Contains current documentation and its assets.


  1. Timer settings
  2. "In index.html file change following values
    var end_day=10; /* Day of end date.*/
    var end_month=1; /*Month of end date .*/
    var end_year=2015; /* Year of end date.*/
    var end_hour=11; /* Hour of end date (in 24 Hours formate).*/
    var end_min=40; /* Min of end date.*/
    var end_sec=20; /* Second of end date.*/
    Note: Above date and time value are set to date 10 January 2015 and time 11:30:20. you can change value according to desired date and time when you website will be launched.

  3. Email settings
  4. You need to provide you valid email address where you will receive date from subscribe form and contact form. To set you email address, locate subscribe.php file and on line 2, change email value to your own email.

  5. Social settings
    • In main index.html file, find these three lines
    • var facebook=""; /* Replace with you Facebook page url*/
      var twitter=""; /* Replace with you Twitter page url*/
      var google=""; /* Replace with you Google page url*/

    • Now change the url values to your page Facebook, Twitter and Google pages respectively
    • for example, if you facebook page url is, then first then facebook variable line will be like this
      var facebook="";



  1. JavaScript must be turned on
  2. PHP supporting server is required in order to receive form date in your email inbox.

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