How to: Install WordPress Manually Using cpanel

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Mostly, Webmasters install WordPress by using Auto or 1-Clik installation. But don’t know about there are many problems with one click installation.

1. Not a Powerful database (Due to random creation).

2. If you Update it Auto it is possible to break your Theme or Plugins.

3. Hacker will access your site easy then manually installation.

4. Also you don’t know what happening behind installation. (Less knowledge)

5. If you don’t know about installation so you don’t perform Maintenance or Anti Trouble.


So if you agree with my thinking then do something deference.

Here today i will show you, How to install WordPress manually using cPanel Database and Files Manager Function.

Just follow the steps.


1. First you need.

1. WordPress (download it from here)


2. Uploading files.

1. Go to your cPanel.

2. Click File Manager Under File Management.



3. After click select your domain name and go to the (Public_html/www)

4. Click Upload from top menu.


Upload files

5. Click browse and select your WordPress from your PC location and open it. (and Please be sure you Permission on 644)


6. When folder completley upload go back to your domain File Manager and Extract file from


3.  SettingUp or Creating Database.

1. Find Database icon Under Database Tools and click on it.


2. Create your own Database.

create db

3. Create Database User Under the MySQL Users. (Choose name and password)

User DB

4. Add the new user to your new created database.

Add User

5. After click Add Check the box that says ALL PERMISSIONS. And Click Make Changes.


4. WordPress Installation.

1. Go to your domain Url Like     (


2. Click on Create Configuration File.

3. On next page Click on Let,s Go..

4. Now on this page Add your details of your database. and click submit.


5. Now on next page click on Run the install.

6  Here you to put your personal information Administration. After putting information click on Click on install WordPress.

Final Page

7. Congratulation. Now you are on your WordPress Success Page after installation.


Now you WordPress site ready to use now you can navigate on you site admin panel or main page.

Thanks for ready this article, If you have any Questions or Help feel free to contect me.


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