Guide for Beginners to Understand the Complicated Terms of WordPress

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If you are new to the world of WordPress, then you might get confused into the complicated terms of WordPress. But you don’t need to worry because we will explain you some of the commonly used terms that you are likely to come across when you start blogging.

What Do You Mean By a Blog?

what is blog

Blog is a “Weblog – an online dairy”. Blogs are basically the personal websites in which people creates posts about anything from their daily life, or share views on any topic from the recipes, personal experiences to their stories. But, now blogs have developed because today many of the businesses are using them to share their organization aims, issues with the targeted web audience and users.

Blog posts are listed in reverse chronological order (means the most recent blog is listed at the top of the list). However, you can also reorder your blog posts by using inbuilt theme options or by activating a free plugin, like Post Types Order.

Front End Verses Back End

The front end is usually the portion of a site that end users view when they visit a site.

fronf end, back end

On the other side, the back end is the part where you do all the coding. It is a place where the content and website’s design is managed. If you are a blogger, then the WordPress admin is your back end. When you log into your site, you are logging into your site’s back end.

What is Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript?

What is Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript

These are some of the technical jargons that are used in the WordPress. So, without wasting your time, we will discuss all these terms in the simple way.

HTML5, CSS3 and PHP is all popular programming languages. These languages are developed by developers with an objective to create and design websites. If you are a blogger, then you will not need to use any code.

jQuery: It is a JavaScript library – software designed to create web page element manipulation simpler for developers. It creates things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, Ajax much easier with the user-friendly API that works all around the multitude of browsers.

Bootstrap: It is a development framework, used to create WordPress websites. It is a front end framework that means you can view what the end user sees, without even using a single line of code. It is created with the aim to influence consistency all around the internal tools at Twitter, it is broadened to the tool’s collection that are available to any developer.

What Is Theme?

A WordPress theme is the front end design of your blog. It comes up with the different color schemes, content layouts, fonts and more. In fact, most of the premium WordPress themes are fully customized and are developed to be compatible with leading plugins.

While setting up a blog, the first thing that you need to do is to select a theme. It allows you to set the style for your blog or a website. To an addition, you can also change the theme if you don’t like the existing one. You can find many free themes that are available on, but they offers limited functionality and less customization option as compare to premium themes.

Child Theme: It is a theme that derives the functionality and styling of a parent theme. Child themes are ideal way of developing an existing theme. In order to make core changes to a theme, you have to use a child theme to continue upgrading your parent theme.

What Do You Mean by Plugins?

A plugin is a piece of software that adds some specific features to your website. WordPress offers thousands of useful plugins that you can utilize on your site. WordPress plugins are usually written in the PHP programming language and combine swiftly with WordPress.

What Is a Widget?

Widgets are small software apps that usually collect information from website or from other applications and present them. The examples of widgets are event countdowns, conversion boxes and weather apps. In WordPress, widgets include features and content to your sidebars including a tag clouds and searches.

What Is the Meaning of Responsive?

responsive web design

When your WordPress website is responsive, that means it is designed for different devices. Responsive websites run smoothly on multiple devices, including laptop, tablets, smartphone or desktop computer. Under this, components might hide or adjusted themselves to fit properly on any size of the screen.

In fact, many themes add custom responsiveness option to make a design of a website fully-responsive. For example, the Total theme adds options to display or hide rows on multiple devices. No doubt, it is a great responsiveness feature that you can use to showcase a slider on desktop computers but can hide on mobile devices.

What Is a Shortcodes?

Shortcodes are sets of programming instructions that are created to do certain things automatically with the aim to reduce the time and effort on your part. In other words, Shortcodes are usually shortcuts. In WP blogs, many themes contain shortcodes that you can utilize to format your content.

What Is Permalink and Slug?

A permalink is basically the URL for a blog post or a web page. When you share your post with other people, then this permalink will be your web address.

A slug is the piece of the URL that holds the name of the post. It describes what the post is all about. To an addition, WP automatically utilizes the title of the post as the slug, but you can edit it as per your requirement.

What Is Akismet?

Akismet is a spam filter plugin, which is used for blog comments and pings. It automatically moderate comments. It usually stops an average of 7.4 million pieces of spam per hour. Akismet is pre-installed on your WP blog, but you need to activate it when you start off your site.

What Is SEO?

A SEO means Search Engine Optimization that is an advanced online marketing technique that ensures your site displays in search results. You can boost your WP SEO by using the appropriate tags, keywords, categories in your post and headlines.

What Do You Mean by Parallax?

Parallax scrolling is a where your site’s background images move very slowly than the rest of the web page content. During 1980’s, it was used in video game and computer animation, but was not included in web design until 2011.

What is Slider?

Sliders are very small image galleries created to display each image for several seconds before sliding to the next image. Many users add links to blog posts or other content. WordPress comes with many slider plugins and some are included in premium themes.

What Is Trackback, Ping?

These are notifications for website authors that allow them to know when an individual links to their content.

A ping is a network signal that basically sends a trackback. And, trackbacks provide a communication facility between blogs. These are also used to add span links, but if you use this feature, then you should consider by using special trackback spam filters.


Through this blog, we tried to explain our new WordPress users about the complicated WordPress terms. Now you can also work smoothly on your WordPress site without any confusion.

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