How Drupal 8 Excites With Its Impressive Set Of Features

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Packed with incredible features, Drupal 8 is here to make the lives of developers, businesses and admin easier. The latest version of Drupal, i.e. Drupal 8 is a real deal when it comes to enhance security. It features robust functionality to deliver a website that has quick page loading, support for online content and a high-end digital experience. With more than 200 new features, Drupal simplifies the process of development and takes it to elevated heights.

Let us check what Drupal 8 has in store that makes it one of the most demanding CMS’s:

Advancement in Theming

When it comes to flexibility in theme customization, Drupal has something extra to offer via its backend interface. This is useful for both users and developers. CMS’s like WordPress make it difficult for non-technical users to implement a complex feature. On the other hand, Drupal has a different outlook. It offer ease in customization for both techies and non-techies.

A PHPtemplate engine is used for inserting the PHP code in HTML. This is not recommended for users with no PHP coding skills. The latest version of Drupal owns Twig theming template engine. It is used to offer an easy to use format for non-technical users.

Twig separates login and display in a better way. It also ensures improved security. The learning process also becomes simpler for developers new to Drupal. The overall process of designing becomes attractive and Drupal websites become extremely user-friendly.

Flexible content display

Drupal 8’s innovative platform helps developers create and modify the content model effectively. Drupal 8 offers advanced features to manage it impressively and deliver a website that is more interactive.

Easy and quick content editing

Drupal 8 features a new editor functionality and uses WYSIWYG editor. This makes it quite easy to edit the content. The latest version of Drupal helps in the in-place editing without requiring to use the full edit form. The use of drag and drop allows in easy personalization of content and images. With amazing new and flexible features, Drupal counts to be the right choice for modern web development. The updated features offer power and scalability to improve user experience.

Mobile first

Drupal 8 is made keeping the mobile first approach in mind. All built-in themes are responsive. It also offers an admin theme that easily accommodates to various screen sizes. This new functionality works on smart devices and tablet to fit to varied screen sizes. An enhanced user experience is also promised that allows the content of website to look great on multiple screen resolutions.

Incredible web services

In the earlier days, websites were only created for desktop and Google map, weather forecast, etc were some web services in practice. However, these days with the advent of various devices like mobile and tablets, web services have become acclaimed. Drupal 8’s REST server helps to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) content entities like users, nodes, taxonomy, terms and comments.

Advanced CMI

One of the most enticing feature of Drupal 8 is the innovative CMI system. This functionality is a game changer and is designed into the core program. The functionality separates content from your configuration. It is used to consistently save data. The entire work becomes streamlined, which in turn saves time.


Ending Notes!

Drupal 8 is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking forward to creating an outstanding website with all the functionality. Drupal 8 assures that your website will be attentive in the years to come. It will even be more advantageous if you hire a reputed Drupal developer from popular names in the industry. It will be a great move to administrate your website and to grab the eyeballs of your visitors.


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