25+ Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

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Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor software developed and published by Adobe Systems. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Since then, it has become the industry standard in raster graphics editing, such that the terms photoshopping and photoshop contest were born. So if we want to learn Photoshop then we need its Tutorials.

Here at CreativeCrunk we always brings you a special things, today we are going to share some Amazing Photoshop Tutorials. We hope you will learn lot of things with the help of these Tutorials.Please check the list below.

Create amazing water-drenched photomontages


Nik Ainley shows you how to make a splash, blending two very different images to create this amazing underwater effect, complete with a dissolving figure of a man.Perhaps because of the overtones of freshness and vitality, water-based effects are always in demand. In this tutorial, Nik Ainley provides step-by-step guidance on how to make a stunning, dynamic effect that recreates the look of a figure dissolving in water, with some clever use of Photoshop and some found images.

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Textured Bird with Smoke in Photoshop

HummingBird-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsToday we’re going to be taking a look at a few basic techniques to get you started using Photoshop’s blending options to give you some very nice looking results fairly quickly!

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24-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a snowy atmosphere with an aura effect. In addition, you’ll also learn how to color-correct using adjustment layers, and add movement using the Radial Blur filter.

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Create a colorful abstract cosmic photo manipulation

4-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a colorful abstract work inspired from space theme. We’ll walk through blending techniques, make abstract elements, adjust colors and create lighting effects.

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Create Underwater Themed Abstract Piece In Photoshop and Cinema 4D

5-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn this tutorial, I will teach you to create a Underwater Themed Abstract Piece similar to my own piece “Marianas Trench”, which includes photo manipulation, 3D modeling and Photoshop postwork.

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Create A Carnival Party Flyer In Photoshop

6-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn Rio de Janeiro, from February 13th through the 17th, will take place the famous Rio Carnival. This year over 1 million visitors will attend the celebration that will culminate with the extravagant parade of the top Samba schools in Rio.

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7-Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials View Tutorial

8-Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

In this tutorial you will learn how to create some fun line art as a basis for a cute winter illustration.I’ll be collaborating with Melody Nieves. I’ll be creating the line art and Melody will be rendering the scene in Adobe Photoshop.

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9-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsToday let’s attack the wonderful topic of game background creating! While there are a multitude of game types and platforms, a good, immersive setting that creates just the right atmosphere is a very important part of any game. Let’s dive right into it!

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10-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsAdding shattered glass to a design is a great way to introduce drama and interest. The visual depiction of broken glass is very evocative and full of energy and conflict. Creating it is full of technical challenges. Illustrating it is difficult and time consuming, but photographing it well is no easy task! In this Quick Tip, we will give you a great technique for safely generating shattered glass brushes in Adobe Photoshop.

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 ABDZ Constellation in Photoshop

11-Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

In this little tutorial or case study, I will walk you through my process from Illustrator to Photoshop. I won’t provide a lot of details because I think it’s better for you to try and not follow instruction, but I think you can have a good idea of how the end result was achieved.

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Create a Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop

12-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsToday’s tutorial will show you how to photo manipulate a fantasy woman, floating in an underwater setting. There’s tons of great techniques in this tutorial, including lighting, colouring, blending, detailing and much more. By the time you’ve completed this lesson you’ll be able to create a realistic underwater effect.

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Create a Geometric Maze Design in Photoshop

13-Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

If you love creating abstract, visually awesome work in Photoshop, then this tutorial is for you. Learn how to create a surreal scene featuring a giant maze, constructed by 3D blocks.You’ll learn all kinds of techniques, such as working with perspective, applying texture and lighting and much more.

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Illuminating Motherboard in Photoshop

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Milk monster and chocolate splash

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Sparkler Light Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

16-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsLet’s start the new year with this cool looking sparklers light text effect Photoshop tutorial. You will learn how to create a sparkler typography using any font type and text that you want. It is a little later for creating new year party flyers using this sparkle light text effect but it will probably be useful for next year.

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Create Surreal Floating Tree Above Ocean in Photoshop

17-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this surreal floating tree above ocean in Photoshop. We will be mixing lots of natural elements to form this design. Have a try!

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Design Layered Rock Text Effect with Natural Elements in Photoshop

18-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialsIn this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to create this layered text effect with natural textures in Photoshop. This effect might look a little bit complex but it really is quite simple to create. Have a try!

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Create a retro photo collage illustration in Photoshop

19-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialWith this design you’ll create a surreal-feeling composition by combining imagery inspired by the 1940s with an Egyptian landscape – in fact, a scene that’s straight out of Indiana Jones. To do this, you’ll use overlay effects, filters and exposure to create a realistic, hot, starched feel, and will place shapes to produce abstract designs.
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Create an Emotional Abstract Photo Manipulation of a Rose

20-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialLearn how to make this abstract and very emotional composite in Adobe Photoshop. You will learn some technical things – as using adjustments for making masks, loading brushes etc. You’ll also learn some photo manipulation principles such as how the golden proportion works.

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21-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialDon’t you wish you could fly like a bird? Or maybe swim like a fish in the ocean? Well, in this quick beginner’s tutorial, we’re going to merge two dreams of living in the beautiful wild, by creating an elegant bird out of water!

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Create Distorted Lady Figure Effect in Photoshop

22-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialIn this tutorial, I will show you the steps used to create this distorted lady figure effect in Photoshop. We will use metal and rock texture over a female body to create the main effect, and use various image adjustments, layer masks and filter to fine-tune the effect.

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Create “Dark Power Unleashed” Surreal Digital Art in Photoshop

23-Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes of creating this “Dark Power Unleashed” Surreal Digital Art in Photoshop. We will start from a simple city image, and combine it with cloud, model and several other objects to form this surreal effect. Have a try!

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24-Creative Adobe Photoshop TutorialIt’s a fairly easy feat to create custom sets of grunge brushes in Adobe Photoshop once you have a couple of techniques down. The main ideas are to have a textured source and to play around with filters that manipulate the look of sketched-out lines and doodles. Join me below in creating a custom set of brushes, ready for painting with, using three sources of texture: scanned paper and objects, a stock photo, and manipulated doodles within Photoshop itself.

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In this List, we’ve seen 25+ Creative Adobe Photoshop Tutorials and We hope you will learn lot of things with the help of these Tutorials. Thanks for your time.



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