How To Convert Your WordPress Website into a Rich Mobile App

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When walking in compliance with this fast-paced arena, it can be easily observed that the mobile app market is touching heights of success with an extreme level of competitiveness. Even if you carry a mobile-optimized WordPress website, there are fair chances that you are missing a good amount of targeted traffic.

Sensing the current situation, it becomes quintessential to be focused about having a powerful mobile app featuring your business, like a companion to your website. Studies have also revealed that the usage of mobile apps has dramatically jumped in the recent year as compared to the past times.

These are the Reasons Your Website Demands a Mobile App

There are multifarious advantages one can get if he opts a mobile app instead of browsing a website. Some of them are-

  • A wide audience reach
  • Ability to have offline content
  • Can send push notifications
  • Enhanced interactive options as compared to a website
  • Device features like camera, geolocation, contacts and many more

Why a WordPress Plugin!

Now, you might be worrying about which method to opt to build an app out of a WordPress website. It seems intimidating on the first go to get start preparing an app as a tiny piece of mistake can degrade your brand value.

A sensible approach here is to handpick such alternative that can be productive yet affordable. Using WordPress plugins is the ultimate choice in the current context as it incurs very less cost and does not have any adverse effect over your performance.

Moreover, using it is a piece of cake for all. Just install it in from the admin panel and reap the associated benefits. A reliable mobile app development company can do the same for you in no time as these people have immense expertise of using the latest technological concepts in a better way.

Use These Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Website Into an App

Let’s dive into the below list of WordPress plugins that influence mobile app creation from deep:


 1. AppPresser


This WordPress plugin, also called as Reactor, can be considered as a strong mobile app builder which swiftly integrates with WordPress. Based on PhoneGap by Adobe, this framework works well for both Android and iOS apps to impart complete WordPress integration.

AppPresser helps connect an app to the WordPress in an easy yet effective way and activates a code with theme when a site is viewed as an app.

With an AJAX functionality used in the themes, this plugin modifies WP-API requests in order to add URLs of featured images.


 2. MobiLoud


It is an efficient WordPress plugin which makes it easy to create native Android and iOS applications. This puts your apps into the Apple and Google stores and provides WordPress features such as custom post types, user accounts and commenting.

One can get benefited from extended features of this app like offline content access, push notifications and adding ads for monetization.

With MobiLoud news, there is a provision of native mobile app interface to publish mobile apps with ease.


 3. WappPress


This premium plugin is ideally suitable to turn a WordPress packed site into a rich Android app that can be published on the Google Play store to let people download and use it.

You have ultimate options of customization like push notification, customized icon, screen, shortcode, app monetization, etc.

An impressive launcher screen is an added advantage that can be customized and turned into a unique silhouette shape.


 4. Androapp


This plugin is best for content-oriented websites like newspapers and blogs. The reason is, it takes your news feed to transform into a mobile app-friendly layout. With responsive feature, you get custom themes and colors through this plugin to match your design.

Some added features are image zooming, offline content saving, in-line ads and push notifications.

A deep linking support is essential to show different pages of your app in the search result list.


 5. Blappsta

Blappsta Mobile App Plugin

Blappsta converts a WordPress powered site into a native iOS or Android app without much demand of technical expertise. You will get push notifications when a fresh post goes live.

You have the benefit to get customization for navigation and home page design with a flexibility to manage content in the app as per your taste. Like for say, the most popular articles come in front and center while the related posts exist at the bottom.

There is a deep link indexing for Google while share buttons are available for email and social media including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Here is the Conclusion!

Businesses of today keep an eagle eye on every minor aspect related to their brand so that nothing can restrict them from reaching the zenith. Having a website or a mobile app is an integral portion of your business growth that provides you an eye-grabbing online identity. This is the reason that merchants need to focus on the effective ways to get a mobile app out of their WordPress website.

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