Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name

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A domain name is one the important feature for your website. You have to choose a perfect domain name for your website same as you select a name for your company. It require lots of consideration and research for choosing a suitable and unique domain name because a domain name is identity of a website.

here in this article I am sharing some basic rules and tips which are considered when you choose a domain name. If you think these is something missing in this article or you have some better tips then please share in comment. You kind suggestions will be very valuable for us.

  • The most noticeable thing is uniqueness so you should select a unique domain name.
  • Choose a easy to type  domain name. Don’t include to much spelling in you domain name.
  • Choose a name related to the topic of you website. For example if you publishing a mortgage website the the name should start with “mortage, finance, home equity, interest rate, house payment” etc
  • Dot-com domain name are most noticeable  and most used so you should consider the dot-com first.
  • You website domain name should be easy to remember for your visitors. use the words which are easy to remember.
  • Short domain name are very good because they are easy to type and easy to remember for people. Moreover the logo design and business card design will have better look with short words.
  • When someone heard the name name of your website he should be able to guess the type of contents of your website. So always fulfil the expectations of the people.
  • Your domain name should not be copyrighted. First visit visit and confirm about copyright violation.
  • Don’t include numbers and hyphens in your domain name.
  • Choose a suitable domain name selection tool for choosing your domain.

These are some basic tips to choose a perfect domain name for your company. Hope you will find this article useful. Thank You !!!

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