Boring Web Design? If Yes, Say Goodbye To Your Business Conversion

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Have you ever guessed why do salesmen or women are so dressed up?

Perhaps selling is all about presentation. When it comes to the art of selling, you need to make sure that you first need to be presentable and whet your communication skills. So if we apply this simple ideology in web development, we must know that our websites are your salesman or brand representatives that are selling your website. Thus, you need to make sure that your websites are well kept.

There are many who still think that web design has no impact on the business conversion of your website. On the contrary, this perception of their’s could plausibly be one of the strongest reason their business is unable to bloom. They deem web design important to be just from the aesthetic point of view and opine that it does not affect the user buying psychology. If you think so, then you need to fire your fact checkers as they are not telling you the right stuff, or you need to evolve as a business owner and get to uncover more about the digital marketing.

You can read along if you need to uncover more such facts as here I am going to discuss some more intriguing things that have a cognitive impact on the users.

Why you ought to have a good Web Design?

What is the first impression do we get whenever we something. There can be different interpretations you might get some positive vibes or might suspect it. There was a study carried out by Putnam, which showed whether to determined what all factors affected the trust of the users while visiting a website.

One of the most surprising things was that design elements had a major impact on the users compared to the content when it comes to mistrust. The survey revealed that the 94 % of the people suggested mistrust was due to design elements, wherein only 6 % report content related issue.

Though this study was based on health websites, the findings are applicable on all the genres of a website. Some of the elements that have a great impact on the users are:

  • Flooded or complex design layouts
  • Pop-ups and flashy advertisements
  • Poor typography and font size which is illegible
  • Monotonous or clichéd website
  • Poor loading time

We are well aware of the fact that web design is important, but obviously, content has its importance. When the people those who were surveyed were asked about what do you trust the answered that it is the content that holds prime importance in gaining the trust. They further told that they like websites that are quite informative, legible, as well as content which is not aimed to market a product or services rather offers a clear information.

The Far-Reaching Effects of Web Design

We cannot gainsay the fact the content and web design both work in tandem to render you an incredible web design. One thing is quite apparent that without a good quality design no one will even pay heed to the content of your website.

As per Darryl Stevens, who happens to be the web design and internet marketing firm, asserted that a web design must be viewed via entire business otherwise this will be of no use. Moreover, you need to make sure that your website must also be pleasing to human eyes.

How is branding related to SEO?

When it comes to relating SEO with web design you need to know that they have long term relationship. You can come across several design trends but is going to be constant is your brand image and online presence.

It would be quite problematic for you to if you wish to adopt each and every design trend, but you cannot even afford to sideline the design trends completely.

Talking about the design trends we have parallax design or single page web design that comprises of all the features of the website on a single page. One of the biggest reason users like it because they can easily scroll down to look at the content and also improves the engagement quotient of the users. However, this design is not at all user-friendly.

This is because you are changing the complete structure of the website and this is obviously doing out to the league things will obviously have its side effects. On the top of it, you are playing a game where you are completely placing over the complete content on one page. The parallax design is certainly the business trends, but as everything comes with a cost, it has its pros and cons.

On the other hand, you have responsive web design. A lot of surveys have now revealed that mobile devices are now being used to surf the Internet and search engines are rewarding sites that are built on responsive web design. Not only does it reduces the burden of running two websites but also helps you to avoid the redundancy in the content but also helps you to reduce the bounce rate.

Branding effect of Web Design

When it comes to branding and web design, we need to make quite a clear distinction in the terms. Though we quite agree that your website is not your brand, it is certainly quite an important element of your marketing strategy and thus plays a pivotal role in casting an impression of your web design.

Branding is not a quick process, and it grows with time. A brand’s image increases with time and is influenced by small details such as trademark, tag lines, packaging, names and packaging as well as shortcuts to those perceptions. Moreover, it has been testified that the design elements that you choose directly affect your design strategy as a well marketing position of you business brand.

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