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If you are a writer who wants to make money and gain more readership online, building a blog on Word Press is one of the essential steps. However, the struggle does not end here. You do not only need to have a website in order to draw visitors and sell your work, but you need to build a site that you will update on regular basis. Only a regularly maintained self-hosted website can help you in meeting the needs of your readers.

Luckily, this is now an easier task than it used to be. One of the best things about owning a self-hosted blog on Word Press is the access to the huge database of amazing plugins. These plugins can be used to help you manage feedback, allow the readers to share the content and increase the sales of your writings. So, why don’t you give your career a boost and try out the best word press plugins for writers?

Word Press SEO

Yoast_SEO_WP_plugin_WordPress Plugins for Writers

Being downloaded for over 15 million times and with a rating of 4.7 stars, Word Press SEO by Yoast is now one of the best plugins on the market. This particular plug-in was not specifically aimed towards content creators, but has turned out to be of great assistance to every writer out there.

Right after you select your keyword, the SEO will ensure that you use it sufficiently throughout the content, both in the title and the body of the post, including the page headings and meta descriptions. Improving the SEO of your text is the most important step in optimizing the content so that people can easily find it in the search engines.

Just Writing

WordPress Plugins for Writers

If you are using the Distraction Free Writing Mode or as commonly referred to as DFWM, you are working on focusing your complete attention to your writing. Some of the best writers, such as those in TopAussieWriters have revealed that this mode in combination with the Just Writing plug-in is your perfect way of achieving optimal functionality when writing.

The Just Writing plug-in allows you to add a grand variety of commands to the toolbar while working in DFW mode. These commands include styling options, spell check, alignment, undo and redo, cut, copy and paste, headings, colors, preview etc.

Google Analytics

google-analytics-for Writers

Google Analytics is another Yoast plug-in that can assist you in the writing process. This plug-in is also not built for writers only, but many writers consider it their best friend in planning the writing process. This particular plug-in will assist you in tracking website statistics of any page you need. Additionally, it will give you the opportunity to monitor search results, downloads and even demographics.

When you use Google Analytics for your Word Press blog or website, you can determine if the audience on it is mostly males or females, which will help you fix the content to suit the target audience. Now you get the chance to check when your posts achieve best results and publish more posts during that time of day or week.

Word Press Super Edit

Word Press Super Edit

The WP Super Edit plug-in allows you to control the WYSIWYG visual editor and do this more effectively. This plug-in works by helping you rearrange plugins to the visual editors and buttons by using a drag and drop interface principle.

Adding layers, tables, images and links, emoticons, CSS themes classes, advanced XHTML and styles is now an option with the Super Edit plug-in for Word Press. In addition, you have the chance at adding search and replace link options.

Proofread Bot

Regardless of how talented or experienced you are as a writer, there is no such thing as the perfect first draft. Every writer makes mistakes when writing at a certain point. If you are a writer, you need the Proofread Bot plug-in so that you can eliminate all the mistakes and issues that your content has.

Spending all that time editing and proofreading your content is no longer a necessity because the Proofread Bot plug-in does not only use natural language processing, but also checks the content for plagiarism. It does this with the assistance of Bing.

If you decide to use this plug-in on regular basis, you should be prepared to purchase a package. Otherwise, you will get one proofread per day for free, limited to 600 words.

Flagrant Disregard Word Statistics

Otherwise referred to as FD Word Statistics, this plug-in is one of the best options for your Word Press writing blog or website. This plug-in is used with the purpose of analyzing the readability of your posts. Generally speaking, there are two readability measurements it works with:

  1. Flesch and Flesch-Kincaid measurements, which are based on ‘word per sentence’ detecting-formulas
  2. Gunning Fog, which works by detecting the number of difficult words in a paragraph and the average words per sentence.

These measurements are represented in a form of score. The better the score or percentage is, the better the readability of your post is.

Copyright Proof

Proving the ownership of content is not easy and is becoming more and more difficult every day. There is a huge amount of content online that grows within the minute, which makes it much more difficult to prove the origin of your ideas and the uniqueness of your content.

This plug-in can help you protect your content by allowing you to secure a time-stamped and digitally signed certificate daily on every post you have on Word Press. When you are working on your post, the Copyright Proof plug-in will automatically insert certification, licensing and copyright notice on it.

Maintaining a self-hosted website or blog can be hard, but there are plenty of amazing plugins that can make the whole process much easier. Try them out today to achieve optimal results!


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