10 Best WordPress Plugins to Spice Up Search Functionality

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Improving search functionality for our sites can help to contributing a better user experience, and reduce the barriers for users to reach their destination pages or constants.WordPress comes with build Search Engine but with the limited functions.

So here today we are going to share some best Best WordPress Plugins to Spice Up Search Functionality. Hope you will fined these Plugins useful for your WordPress websites.

 Search Everything

Search Everything-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalitySearch Everything improves WordPress default search functionality without modifying any of the template pages. You can configure it to search pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments, tags and custom fields (metadata) and you can specify your own search highlight style. It also offers the ability to exclude specific pages and posts. It does not search password-protected content. Simply install, configure… and search.



Ajax Search Pro for WordPress

Ajax Search Pro-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityAjax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat.

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Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave's WordPress Live Search-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityDave’s WordPress Live Search adds “live search” functionality to your WordPress site. As visitors type words into your WordPress site’s search box, the plugin continually queries WordPress, looking for search results that match what the user has typed so far.



Swiftype for WordPress

Swiftype-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityThe Swiftype Search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with a better, more relevant search engine. It also gives you detailed insight into what your users are searching for, so you know which keywords to target when customizing your search engine results. The Swiftype search plugin is WordPress VIP-approved and already used on huge sites.




searchwp-Plugins to Spice Up Search Functionality

Search all of your content and keep your visitors,SearchWP was designed to be a plugin you can install and fully utilize out of the box. It was also designed to accommodate developers in every way possible, allowing for very fine-grained control & customization.

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Google Custom Search for WordPress Plugin

google-custom-search-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityThe Google Custom Search for WordPress Plugin is an advanced WordPress Search Plugin with an On-Demand-Index and On-Demand-Removal Functionality. Enhance your WordPress website with the search engine that you need. Delivering top quality search results powered by Google. Say hello to the Google Custom Search for WordPress Plugin.

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Relevanssi – A Better Search

Relevanssi -Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityRelevanssi replaces the default search with a partial-match search that sorts results by relevance. It also indexes comments and shortcode content.



Custom Google Search

Custom_google_search-Plugins to Spice Up Search Functionality

Custom Google Search leverages the awesome power of the world’s number one search engine to enhance your sites search results.Activate this plugin and instantly make the search tool on your site infinitely more powerful.

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 WP Ultimate Search

WP Ultimate Search-Plugins to Spice Up Search FunctionalityA highly customizable AJAX-based WordPress search bar alternative with the ability to autocomplete faceted search queries. Users can quickly and dynamically browse through your site’s taxonomies and post metadata to find exactly what they’re looking for, and results can be loaded beneath the search bar instantly.




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