40+ Awesome Photoshop Actions to Enhance Beauty

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Photoshop actions are use to enhance the beauty of photos just with the help of single click. These actions comes in .ANT format and widely used to apply awesome effects on photos. Photoshop actions are series oF action applied by their creators and these actions can be reapplied at any time.

In this article we have compiled a list of 40+ awesome Photoshop action to enhance the beauty of photos. These action can be helpful for designers and specially for photographers. Professionals in this field save a lot of time using these action and apply amazing effects in photos. All these actions are free to download and use. Lets checkout this collections.

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1. Nothing But Memories Photoshop Action

Nothing but Memories

2.Retro Touch Action

Retro Touch Action

3. Polaroid Generator Photoshop Effect

Polaroid Generator Photoshop Effect

4. Cookie Dough Effect For Photoshop

Cookie Dough Effect For Photoshop

5. Kream Action For Adobe Photoshop

Kream Action

6. Photoshop Action – Vintage II

Photoshop Action - Vintage II

7. Photoshop Action – Cool Vintage

Photoshop Action - Cool Vintage

8. Nature Abode Photoshop Actions

Nature Abode Photoshop Actions

9. Summer & Winter Photoshop Actions


10. Old Series Photoshop Action

Old Series Photoshop Action

11. AFW’s Bluezy Actions for Photoshop

AFW’s Bluezy Actions for Photoshop

12. Color Action for Photoshop

Color Action for Photoshop

13. Vintage Awesome Photoshop Action

Vintage Awesome Photoshop Action

14. Simple Vintage Action

Vintage Action

15. Pink Action FOR Photoshop

Pink Action

16. Variety Pack Photoshop Actions

Variety Pack Photoshop Actions













17. PS Actions Pack

PS Actions Pack

18. AFW’s Vintage Actions

AFW’s Vintage Actions

19. Five Vintage Actions Pack 

Five Vintage Actions Pack

20. Spring Mini Actions

Spring Mini Actions

21. Vintage Breeze PS Actions

Vintage Breeze

22. Colored Highlights PS Actions

Colored Highlights PS Actions

23. Vintage Colours in Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

24. Double Sketch Effect PS

Double Sketch Effect

25. Brighten Eyes Photoshop Actions

Brighten Eyes Photoshop Actions

26. Retro Photography PS Actions

Retro Photography PS Actions

27. I’ve Got the Blues PS Action

I’ve Got the Blues PS Action

28. Runaway Adobe PS Action

Runaway Adobe PS Action

29. Lovely Love PS Effect

Lovely Love PS Effect

30. Another Basic Vintage Action Set 

Another Basic Vintage Action Set

31. Saturation Vintage PS Action

Saturation Vintage PS Action

32. Color of the Day

Color of the Day

33. Cinematic Effect PS Action

Cinematic Effect PS Action

34. PS5 Deep Resources

PS5 Deep Resources

35. More PS Vintage Actions

More PS Vintage Actions

36. HDR Tools Photoshop Actions

HDR Tools Photoshop Actions

37. Bright Vintage Action

Bright Vintage Action

38. Retro Actions Set for PS

Retro Actions Set for PS

39. JJ’s Vintage Set

JJ’s Vintage Set

40. Vintage Actions for PS

Vintage Actions for PS

These are 40+ Awesome Photoshop Actions to Enhance Beauty of Photos. What do say about this beautiful collection of Photoshop Actions ?

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