35+ Awesome Cat Logo Designs to Inspire You

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Cats are considered to be most loyal pets with humans and they have their own beauty. In case of designing cat shapes are used in logo design as cats are easily recognizable animals in the world.  Every company demands a logo design from the designers that can easily recognizable around the world and represents the company.

Because are very popular animal so logo designs can have advantage of including cats in logos.  Here in this post we have added 35+ awesome cat logo designs to inspire you and fill you mind with new ideas in logo designing.

Reap Cat

Reap Cat Logo Design

The Cat

The Cat logo design

Banjo Cat

Banjo Cat logo design

Cat Love

Cat Love logo design

Cat Food

Cat Food logo design

Kitty Joy

Kitty Joy logo design

Gatto Picante

Gatto Picante logo design

FatCat Coffee

FatCat Coffee logo design

CopyCat Printing

CopyCat Printing logo design

Fat Cat Burgers

Fat Cat Burgers logo

FT Home

FT home logo

Silverline Login Logo

Silverline Login Logo

Golden Soft

Golden Soft

Beli The Cat

Beli the Cat logo


Catflower logo design


RUBY cate logo design


NityMiu cat logo

Fierce Cat

Fierce Cat logo design

Evil Cat

Evil Cat logo design

Cat Icon

Cat Icon logo design


Emusklep cat logo design

Ana Zambelli

Ana Zambelli logo design

Hvoost 2

Hvoost 2 logo design

Major Logo Deign

Major cat logo design inspiration

Mrs Kitty

Mrs Kitty logo design

Curious Cat

Curious Cat logo design

Cap Sante Yacht Sales

Cap Sante Yacht Sales

CAT – Logo Design Inspiration

CAT logo design inspiration

Sketchy Cat Creative

Sketchy Cat Creative logo

Lynx Mortgage

Lynx Mortgage

Orange Cat

Orange Cat

HJ Mews

HJ Mews cat logo deign

BumpCash Logo

BumpCash Logo

Fat Cat Publishing

Fat Cat Publishing Logo

Black Cat

Black Cat logo design

Conclusion: All these logo designs are shared to inspire you in logo designs. You may get new ideas about design a cat inspired logo. Have something to add to this post, please share in comments and get in touch with us.

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