Avoid 9 Beginner’s Mistakes that Affect your Blog’s Traffic

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Blogging is not an effortless job as some people may think. It’s much more than just sitting on your couch with a laptop and writing quality articles. It needs creativity, skills and proper knowledge of the industry to actually get into the race and win. Still, a majority of new bloggers jump into it without even knowing what they are supposed to do and end up making tons of mistakes which usually lead them to giving up blogging.

This article is written with an objective to educate you with the most ordinary mistakes that many of the beginner bloggers tend to make, and help them to put their best foot forward.

Well, for a fact, mistakes are a part of our live and oftentimes they are the reasons for our growth and betterment. Isn’t this how we learn and grow? Mistakes are valuable resources that must not be abandoned. But more important lesson here is to learn from your mistakes and grow. And blogging is no exception.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes that new bloggers make to help you learn from your mistakes and grow.

  1. Not to concentrate on target readers/audience while writing


Always write keeping into consideration your target audience, and country. Try to write as much as possible according to their liking and disliking. If the readers feel that there is useful information available in your blog for them, then there is a great likelihood of them returning back to it.

  1. Not keeping in view competitor bloggers of your identical niche


The identical rule also applies in blogging; Try to be in touch with the bloggers that are writing on your identical niche and so they are your competitor. Formulate yourself a part of the society by talking and exchanging thoughts and opinion with them.

  1. Niche of the articles

You should know that it is pretty hard to blog about the same topic for quite long. It is always suggestive to write about something unusual that makes you diverge from your key topic and make you flexible to write on other niches as well.

  1. Changing your writing style frequently

writing style

These days there are thousands of patterns available for blogs writing styles, and pick the perfect one is truly tricky task as you always try to find something superior, catchy, and more striking for your eyes. This can look hard, but the right advice is that you should not try to change your writing style frequently, as it can affect your blog brand.

  1. Forgetting to add images within posts content

A large number of bloggers pay too much concentration on their content, and forget to add pictures or images in it. It is always evocative to write good content, but not to add pictures is a deadly mistake as well. Images provide readers an idea of what they are reading about. Also pictures make your blog more eye-catching, which makes booklover read the post again and again.

  1. Paying no concentration to the quality of writing

When you start writing articles, you have to make sure that there should be no grammatical mistakes in your articles. Also ensure that your articles are properly formulated, and clear ideas are presented to the reader without too many ineffective and complex words. Do not forget to proofread your posts for a couple of times, before you are going to publish it, so you ensure that there are no huge mistakes in your writing.

  1. Excessive monetization

A large number of bloggers get truly attracted by the thought of earning from their post and take it too gravely.  They just write the whole thing on their post with ads, composing it a lot more complicated for a booklover to read the sentences of post that was published.

  1. Not scheduling the timetable for post


It is terrible to post on your blog arbitrarily, at an arbitrary hour and day or posting once in a month. A blog requires to be modernized daily, or at least attempt to publish 5 articles per week. Having a timetable is very crucial, so you should schedule time to prepare your ideas regarding next post and writing them.

Writing blog is very crucial for any blogger. If you want to enhance the traffic on your website, then you have to post the blogs regularly on your site. These blogs must be informative, easy to read and helpful for the readers. Most bloggers make mistake while writing their blogs. You should be aware of these mistakes, if you want to make your blogs effective for the readers.


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