30+ Amazing Photo Manipulation Inspiration Examples

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This article covers a collection of photos which blow your mind. We have compiled a list of 30+ amazing photo manipulation inspiration examples to inspire the designers and specially photographers. These examples will help designers and photographer to get new and creative ideas about photo manipulation.

Designers always try to express their creativity with the help of their work. Photographers take their photos and manipulate them according to new ideas. In this collection you will find some amazing manipulated photos by professional designers. I hope you will like this collection and get some new and innovative ideas.

1. Suspended Ideas

photo manipulation

2. AXE Body Spray

AXE Body Spray

3. Fire vs Water Manipulation

Fire vs Water Manipulation

4. Keep Me in your heart

Keep Me in your heart

5. Scrabble Photo Manipulation

Scrabble Photo Manipulation

6. Ultra Orangeman

Ultra Orangeman

7. Dome Apple

Dome Apple

7. Kidnapping Your Love

Kidnapping Your Love

8. Broken Handz

Broken Handz

9. Full Waterproofing

Full Waterproofing

10. Mosquito Light

Mosquito Light

11.No Photos

No Photos


12. Break Out of Ordinary

Break Out of Ordinary

13. Falling – Photo Manipulation

Falling - Photo Manipulation

14. Best Photo Manipulation

Best Photo Manipulation

16. Photoshop Photo manipulation

Photoshop Photo manipulation

17. Lionel Messi – Photo Manipulation

Lionel Messi - Photo Manipulation

18. Little retouch – Photo Manipulation

Little retouch - Photo Manipulation

19. Satrap Photo Team Campaign – II

Satrap Photo Team Campaign – II

20. Satrap Photo Team Campaign

Satrap Photo Team Campaign

21. Mount Olympus – Manipulated Photo

Mount Olympus

22. Indispensibility of dreams

the indispensability of dreams 

23. Breakfast – Photo Manipulation

Breakfast - Photo Manipulation



25. When the toys become real

When the toys become real

26. Dangerous water

Dangerous water

27. No Games for Smokers

No Games for Smokers

28. Bear – Photo Manipulation

Bear - Photo Manipulation

29. Good Morning – Photo Manipulation

Good Morning - Photo Manipulation

30. Ship Wreck Photo Manipulation

Ship Wreck Photo Manipulation

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