Amazing free Lightroom presets for your portfolio

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Don’t know how to speed up your working in Photoshop or Lightroom? Want to make professional color correction? Check the list of top free portrait Lightroom presets.


Film free Lightroom presets for portraits 


The film tape effects can give your photos a unique look. The main effects of film photography are low contrast of black and white dots and medium colors. The retouchers created these LR presets tried to reproduce color contrast, the graininess, so that everyone can create a film effect by their own. This pack of best presets for Lightroom are universal and suitable for any version of Lightroom. You can use these presets for RAW and JPEG formats, to get the following effects with one click: B&W matte, Film soft, Tonning warm, Film 1960 and others.



Free HDR presets for Lightroom 


These plugins are very popular now due to their wide dynamic range. These amazing filters are easy to use and don’t require additional settings. They help to highlight the necessary areas, by adding the contrast to them, and using other artistic effects. Now you don’t need to repeat the same actions and take care of the quality. These free HDR presets for Lightroom are composed by professionals who have taken into account all the pros and cons of the HDR effect. Our filters will help you to create textured photos, add colors which are usual to the eye, make photos with high contrast and natural tones, shadows. When using the plugins from this pack, you have access to such effects as Landscape, Sepia, Hard warm, Architecture and others.



Free portrait Lightroom presets


The key role of portrait photography is to demonstrate the emotional state, individuality and focus on the face on the model. Our free portrait presets for Lightroom will help to smooth the skin of the model, remove greasy shine and more. Thanks to these plugins, you can save a lot of time by adding any effect of all available effects with a single click: Soft balance, B&W light, Warm toning, Vintage soft and others. There are such photographs that need to be edited additionally, for example to remove wrinkles, smooth the skin, whiten teeth etc. This should be done manually. These Lightroom presets are easy to set and give an opportunity to correct different mistakes fast.





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