7 Effortless Ways To Monetise A Blog In 2019

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Setting up a blog sounds like rainbows and unicorns and everything rewarding; especially when it comes to the earning vertical built around it. The trend of blogging which once took off as a practice of online journaling has now shaped up as a flourishing home business that is sought after by many.

According to Ahrefs, people search for “How to start a blog” 121,000 times per month worldwide. This clearly indicates the buzz around the vertical of blogging. With almost 4,000 people wanting to start a blog every day, it would be fair to conclude that the desire to start blogging is indeed a financially fulfilling one which is not just mere words.

As of 2019, blogging has evolved as a major key for cracking the code to content marketing for small and large businesses, alike. So, if you are running a blog and are going around the Internet looking for ways to monetize it, this is the place. You might also be a blogging enthusiast who wants to explore all their possibilities before starting their own blog, so continue reading.

However, before you take the plunge, make sure that your blog is at its peak performance, posting high-quality content and that you are consistent with the posting schedule on it. This will ensure that all the efforts that you put forward in the direction of monetizing your blog, don’t turn out to be futile.

Now, let’s get into details to help you monetize your content.

Premium blog content

premium content

When your blog has been successfully running for a while now and when people are truly appreciating the content on it, you can tap into monetizing the premium content on your blog. If you are not aware of the term, premium content is the exclusive content on your blog that can only be accessed by users who choose to pay for it. This kind of content is usually offered through a membership model. However, coming up with premium content on your website means that you should really have quality content up your sleeves, that you are into regular publishing, and your exclusive content has a great design to keep the paid members hooked.

Google Adsense

google adsense

Yet another great way to monetize your blog is by integrating Google Adsense into it. This service by Google lets you display targeted ads on your blog and in return, earn revenue from your traffic, all for free. Once you have set up your Google Adsense account and once it gets approved, you can be ready to show ads relevant to the content of your blog. Obviously, the layout of these ads can be easily customized to fit your blog layout.

To make sure that you keep earning without any hiccups with this service, you are required to abide by the content guidelines offered by the AdSense team. To earn more from AdSense, you need to continually try out various optimization techniques, including using keywords with high CPC.

Leveraging Advertisement

In the point above, we have talked about Google Adsense service which lets you display Ads. However, the advertisement in this pointer is the mainstream advertisement, where you can use your blog and its content to talk about another entity and promote their whereabouts. However, before you fully optimize this opportunity and plan to make your blog a billboard, you must carefully assess the scenario and choose to advertise about things that your audience would benefit from knowing – or having your opinion – about.


You can monetize your blog by attending a resourceful industry relevant event and writing about it. You can also charge for attending Public speaking and meetups in your industry where you can be paid for speaking at conventions and seminars. Further, you can post the highlights/pictures/videos on your blog and its social media channels.

Paid reviews:

paid reviews

You have probably heard of this one before. This is a super simple and effective strategy for monetizing a blog. You might get in touch with certain product circles who are interested in using blogs to promote their products/services, and if they fit your niche, you can totally write a paid review for them. Just keep this at the back of your mind that your blog readers will be at the receiving end of these paid reviews, hence you should really be reviewing only quality products/services that deliver their promises. Otherwise, this might reflect badly at your blog’s reputation.

Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts are yet another popular way to earn good money from your popular blog. Once your blog starts attracting enough traffic, you can set your own pricing for posting sponsored content on your blog for others. This sponsored piece of post is published on your blog for someone who has paid for it. Well, based on the arrangement, you might write and post one or simply post a copy you have been given.

Sponsored posts are a great way of getting some link juice and boosting your site’s link profile. For the other party, a sponsored post means exposure to a whole new set of audience i.e. your blog followers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Online workshops

Since your blog is prepared to get monetized, we will assume that you are a reputed blogger with a considerable following of people who are interested in the things that you tell them. This further opens a new way of monetization for popular bloggers who are subject matter experts in their respective fields. You can go about hosting paid online workshops/webinars for your audience to further help them explore your vertical and make some good, regular income out of these online sessions. These online workshops can also extend to paid tutoring, coaching, and consulting services.

Affiliate marketing

We bet you have heard of the term ‘Affiliate marketing’ before. This method of monetizing your blog lets you earn commissions for promoting products or services from other business entities. You are required to use your blog to refer your audience to these products/services. However, the simple catch here is that you earn a commission only when people use this special banner, link or promo code provided to you. Affiliate marketing is you having a bite of the company sales for promoting certain products or services of a company.

Selling physical products

This is the very traditional method of monetizing your blog i.e. by selling products out of your blog or using your blog to run an online store, mostly for specialized products. Once your blog becomes a little too popular, you can also end up selling merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, combos etc. through your blog platform to earn new money. If you are a mainstream blogger, you can also use your blog to sell your books. If you are a commercial blogger, you might sooner or later start your own line of products you are dealing in.

Selling digital products

A lot of popular blogging channels use their platform to sell digital products to generate a regular stream of income. These digital products can include eBooks, your pieces of digital art, Online classes/courses, or simply Apps that you might have designed. You can also sell your exclusive podcasts or music through your blog to earn more money out of them.


In the blog post above, we have managed to crunch the top 7 ways that can help you monetize your blog and create a stream of regular income out of it. However, we also believe that there are still so many ways out there that can be used to monetize a blog in 2019. Let us know if you have new ones up your sleeves since we would love to share them with our audience as well.

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