5 Vital Facts About WordPress Plugins That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

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Since introduction, WordPress has garnered a great niche as the best content management system. But, the scenario has changed and it has also gathered appreciation as a reliable web development platform. Every tech-savvy knows that WordPress is incomplete without themes and plugins. These are the foundation of WordPress that make a website worth using as a business solution.

Themes provide external beauty to the website whereas plugins contribute to its performance. With themes, you can give birth to a fresh, new and beautiful layout. On the other hand, plugins are important to integrate a website with major functionalities. This blog highlights the significant role of WordPress plugins in WordPress web development.

WordPress plugins are something which makes WordPress great to use. They empower a website by adding and extending the functionality to it. Apart from improving performance, plugins are known for their site monitoring and site protection qualities. Have you ever think of plugins side negative effects? Yes! It is true. If you don’t maintain the quality of your plugins, they can harm your WordPress website. What can you do to analyze and improve the website performance? You can simply manage the plugins of your website by considering the below-mentioned facts:

Plugin update is important

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Many developers or website owners don’t consider plugin update as an important phase. They perceive that if plugins are working properly then what is the need to update them. For their reference, we want to clear that on a regular time interval, plugins need to get updated. When you install a new plugin from the relevant source, you want the latest version. Then why do you take your step back when it comes to updating the existing plugins? To improve website’s performance, it is mandatory to update all the plugins.

Deactivated plugins should be uninstalled

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There are numerous plugins in a website. Some are active and others are not in use. So, why do you still have those inactive plugins in your website? Maybe to increase the number of resources. But, this can result in poor website performance. It is better to update those deactivated WordPress plugins. You can choose another way by getting rid of these plugins by uninstalling them from the website. This will release memory and let the website perform faster than before.

Consider quality over quantity

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It sounds good to have a wide number of plugins in a WordPress website. Developers integrate many plugins in a website to achieve the same functionality. This covers a huge space and slows down the website’s performance. To reduce this hassle, you can delete the similar type of plugins and try to manage the functionality with remaining ones. Remember, quantity is not more than quality. So, instead of increasing the number of resources, try to maintain the quality of the website.

Don’t go for premium plugins always

Premium doesn’t necessarily mean the best options. We know that when someone initiates developing a website, he/she primarily goes to the paid services. They think that paid plugin versions play a significant role for their website. But no! They are not right at this point. Today, developers have made their own plugin directories where they store the best samples. The plugins are free and provide exactly the same functionality like any other paid ones. You can undoubtedly use them to integrate particular functionality to your website.

Make use of basic plugins

If you are confused which plugins to be used to initially run your website, you can go with the basic plugins that are good for all WordPress sites. These plugins provide basic functionality to a website like SEO optimization, contact form creation and security. To give an initial start, you can use basic Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and Wordfence WordPress plugins. For any specific functionality integration, you can have customized WordPress plugin development from a reliable source.

In A Nutshell:

WordPress plugins are the most useful things the community gave us. If you want to get most out of your website plugins, you need to just follow the above-mentioned guidelines. These will help you a lot and bring drastic changes in your website’s performance.



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