40+ Free and Inspiring Fonts Of 2013

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Choosing something from a large number of  items is an important step in every project you do and its a confusing job too. In case of web and graphic design you have to choose an element with respect to whole design. Lets talk about fonts. When you choose a font it will effect your whole design because fonts are basic element for designing web and graphic project. If you have chosen wrong fonts then your design will be no more worth seeing. So try to keep a large number of fonts in your collection.

Here in my last article i shared a collection of  10 Free And Best E-Books For Web DesignersNow considering the important of fonts in designs i am going to share a collection of 40+ Free and Awesome Fonts Of 2013. These are compiled from a large number of fonts available free of cast. I hope you will appreciate this article. Please Let us know about your views in comments.

What’s My Age Again

What's My Age Again - best free fonts

Quirky Nots

Quirky nots - best free fonts

BoB – Best Free Fonts

BoB collection of free fonts

Bamq Typeface

Bamq Typeface - best fonts 2013

Corbert Regular

Corbert Regular awesome free fonts

Baron  Typeface

Baron typeface free fonts

Xclv .Neon Pro

Xclv.Neon Pro font free

True Love – Free Font

True Love - Free Font

Corbert Italic

Corbert Italic free font

Flex Dislay

Flex Display

Sex And Candy

Sex and Candy font

Calendas Plus

Calendas Plus free fonts

Kilogram – Beautiful Free Font

Kilogram amazing free font

Palo Alto

PALO ALTO free web fonts


Construthinvism beautiful fonts

Liquor Typeface

Liquor Typeface free font download

Ziamimi – Free Font

Ziamimi - Free Font

Lev Serif By TypeFaith Fonts

Lev Serif By TypeFaith Fonts


Klinic free font for 2013


oami free web font

MuchaCho – Font

muchacho font

Aleo Free Font

Aleo free font by alessio laiso


cylburn free font

Intrique Script

Intrique Script free font

Iron – Free Font

iron best free font for 2013

Chronic Typeface

CHRONIC Typeface font


fairview free font download


Dense free download font


Zwodrei free download font

South Rose

South Rose free font


distractor free font

Heister Type

heister type Free-Font-55-570x381


bohema chicago free font

Dos Amazigh Font

dos amazigh Free-Font-56-570x463

Ink In The Meat

ink in the meat font

Nudo Free Font

Nudo Free Font

Nexa – Light And Bold Font

Nexa light and bold free font



RBNo. 2

RBNo2 free amzing font


homestead free font

We always try our best to collect best things for our visitors. Please Share your views about this collections. If you have any question feel free to ask in comments or by contacting us. Please share this collection to your friends.


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