20+ Free Large Background Images for Web Design – 12-14

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The trend of large photographic backgrounds in web designs has become very popular in recent years.You will find many of creative examples around the web which are using  large backgrounds in there designs, Most of the sites have home pages made with large background images and for the parallax designs, sometime images are blurred or just simply displayed.

So today i am going share some Free Large Images for web Backgrounds with high resolution you may use these images in you projects.

Note: We recommend you to read there license before you use them in your work.

Chained hands

chained_hands_free_photo1-690x457 Download

Red pears

red_pears_free_photo-690x457 Download

Hand leans on walking stick

hand_walking_stick_free_photo-690x457 Download


SplitShire_6971-800x500 Download


tumblr_nfp310uaKt1u2u0sno1_1280 Download


Rollingfog Download

Autumn Leaves

autumn-leaves Download

Retro Bike

retro-bike Download


nature Download

Cake on a White Plate

Cake on a White Plate Download

Golf Hole

golf hole Download

Snappity snap snap

snappity snap snap Download

Christmas Holly

christmas holly Download

Bedside Lamp

bedside lamp Download


bench Download


Food Download


Mix Download


cat Download

Cereal Spoonful

cereal-spoonful Download


sand Download

Wall Texture

wall texture Download

I love you more than coffee

I love you more than coffee Download


At the end, we’ve seen 20+ Free Large Background Images for Web Design, that we can use for web backgrounds. and i hope you find these images useful. Thanks for your time.

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