15 Free Tools To Test Website Speed Performance

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To make a good impression of your website it is essential for your site to have some better qualities. You have to maintain it according to the user satisfaction. A user will come back again if he finds easiness in visiting your site. For better SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) it is very important to improve the speed of your site. Your site should load faster so that user may feel comfortable while visiting. If your are failed to maintain the speed, you will have to face ranking loss. Your site rank will down due to slow speed.

So you should make effort to improve load time of your website. First Step for better load time is to analyze the speed of your site time to time so that you may come to know when your site  speed is low. So guys here is a list of 15 free online tools for all of you to check the speed and performance of website. I hope you will like this list of useful tools. Please Write Your  Comments So That We May Improve This Blog According To Your Satisfaction.

Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer

Neustar Web Performance

Neustar Web Performance


gtmetrix free tool for test speed

Page Speed Insight

page-speed_website speed check

Stingray Aptimizer

stingray_website aptimizer

Web Page Test


Pingdom Tool

pingdom-tool_to test website speed

Octagate Site Timer

OctaGate Site Timer

Show Slow

show-slow_website speed test

Free Speed Test

Free Speed Test

Load Impact

loadimpact speed test for website

Which Loads Faster

Which Loads Faster website speed analyzer

Site Perf


These are some online free tools fir testing website Speed and performance. Please share your views about this collection. Share with friends if you like  !!! Thank You !!!.

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