10 Latest WhatsApp Features that everyone Should Know

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The most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp needs no introduction. It allows you to use phone’s internet connection or wifi to send messages and make calls. In a recent update, video calling feature was launched by the most popular messaging app. WhatsApp packs many features, here are some of the most useful ones that you should know to make a better use of this most popular app.


1. Change your Number Without Losing Chats

Change your Number

Changing your WhatsApp number no longer means losing your data. To change your number visit Settings > Account > Change Number. Enter your old and new number to make the change without deleting your old chats.


2. Limit Data Usage – Set Media Download Accordingly

Limit Data Usage

It is a great trick to save your mobile data. Go to settings > Data Usage > Media auto-download to set your preferences. This feature can be even more useful to reduce the data bills when you are on roaming. This option allows you to set media downloading as per your preferences.


3. Reply to Chats Directly by Enabling Popup Notifications

3. Reply to Chats Directly

The pop-up notification feature of WhatsApp enables you to reply the chats directly. Go to settings > Notifications > Pop-up Notifications to turn the feature on and make chatting more simultaneous. You can set it to show “only when screen on” or “only when screen off” or “always show pop-up”. By default the Popup notification is disabled.


4. Recover your Deleted Whatsapp Conversation

Recover your Deleted Whatsapp Conversation

You can easily recover the deleted WhatsApp chats in few easy steps. Uninstall WhatsApp, on reinstalling it you will get a backup has been found prompt tap restore to see your deleted messages back. Remember to sign up with the number you were using previously.


5. Chat More Securely by Enabling two-step Verification

Chat More Securely

The Facebook-owned company enabled two-step verification to enhance the security in its app. To make sure no one can set up your WhatsApp account with only your mobile number go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Two-step verification. Click on the Enable button to enter the 6 digit passcode which will be needed to register your phone number with WhatsApp in the future.


6. Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

6. Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

To hide WhatsApp funny pictures & memes from phone gallery is possible. Follow this trick, open file manager on your android phone go to Media in the WhatsApp folder. Rename the “WhatsApp Images” folder to “.WhatsApp Images”. Do same with the “WhatsApp Video” folder, remember only change you need to make is to add . in the beginning.


7. Multiple Accounts in One Phone

Multiple Accounts in One Phone

With Android’s multi-user feature have two separate WhatsApp accounts in one phone simultaneously. Add a new user by going to your phone’s settings. Now, install WhatsApp on the new user account and sign up entering the other number you want to use.


8. Add Contact Shortcut to Home Screen

Add Contact Shortcut

Chatting with your favorite contacts is easier with this trick, long press the contact to get it on your phone’s home screen. No need to open the app to talk with your frequent contacts.


9. Archive your Conversations in One Click

Archive your Conversations

There are times when you want to hide a specific chat but don’t want to delete it. You can put the chat into archives. Press hold on a chat to get the “Archive Chat” option. The archived chats can be accessed at the bottom of the chat screen.


10. Bookmark Your Important Messages

Bookmark Your Important Messages

To keep important messages from your WhatsApp chats in a separate folder you can also star messages, it works like bookmarking. Press and hold on a message to get the star option. All the starred messages appear in a separate section.


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