15 Free Blogger Templates For Online Shops And Stores

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If you are a blogger and thinking to make a new blog for online store at, here something special for you. Definitely making an online shopping blog is a tough job to do you will need much time to design a template. So here at we have compiled 20 best and full professional blogger templates. All these templates are suitable for online store. These templates are specially designs, on the homepage the product will be shown with prices. Hope you will like these templates to use with your blogs. Lets have a look at this collection.

1. Shopping 

Shopping Blogger Template

Demo : Download

2. Blogger Store

Download Blogger Online Store Template Free 2012

Demo : Download

3, Johny Palelu Peang

Johny Palelu Peang online shop blogger templates


4. Johny Sip Deh

Johny Sip Deh shopping blogger templates


5. Johny Muantab

Johny Muantab shopping blogger templates


6. Johny Ganteng with Cart

Johny Ganteng with Cart  online shop blogger templates



7. Johny Ganteng Store

Johny Ganteng Store online shop blogger templates


8. Johny Joss Template

Johny Joss Template


9. Johny Magstore  

Johny Magstore online shop blogger templates


10. Johny Blackstore  

Johny Blackstore online shop blogger templates



SHOPPAHOLIC online shop blogger templates


12. Baby Online Shop

Baby Online Shop online shop blogger templates


13. Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Blogger Template


14. Kiddiez Shop

Kiddiez Shop Blogger Template

Demo : Download


SHOES ONLINE SHOP blogger templates


Demo : Download

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  1. Hi, thanks for the list. I have a stupid question: how do I integrate this into account? Any suggestions are welcome.

  2. Link to Shopping Cart points to the baby template. Could you please post the link to Shopping Cart? Thanks. :)