WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com: What’s Best For Blogging?


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WordPress is becoming a clear choice for most of the people because of the convenience and flexibility it offers, but there are some confusions like choosing between the self-hosted WordPress and free WordPress.com. Let’s break it down into the variables that will be of the most importance to the people.

What’s WordPress.com?

It is a solution to set up a free website without worrying about anything else that is essential in creating a website such as, finding a hosting provider, maintaining your website and security and anti-spam filters. With WordPress.com, all that a user needs to do is simply instal and set up a process by signing up, choosing a blog name and then jump straight into designing the site. Just a piece of cake!

What’s WordPress.org?

It’s simple: Download your copy of WordPress CMS, find a domain provider, sign-up for a hosting service and host your website on the internet. You can get your copy of WordPress CMS from WordPress.org at zero cost. The software that you’ll get power your website. It may sound a little tad but in the end, you’ll have a website with full control over its single detail.

Free WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org

It’s still difficult to say which one is right for your website. Let’s differentiate them by cost, freedom, limitations, developments and maintenance to funnel down the right choice for your next or current project.

WordPress.com cost:

Hosting your website on WordPress.com is completely free, but some controls could only get removed with the help of upgraded plans that, of course, comes with a price tag.

A cost-free WordPress.com plan is an inexpensive option, particularly if you don’t mind using a custom domain name and free themes without modifications. But in case you want to upgrade(which ultimately you’ll do), a premium plan includes mapping and domain registration with 13 GB of storage space without ads, custom design capability, VideoPress and email support for $99/ year/blog.

WordPress.org cost:

You could go for downloading a copy of the free, open source software but hosting it isn’t free. Also, you need to purchase a domain name. With WOrdPress.org, the hosting cost starts from as low as $5 a month. Not only the hosting but domain names are also quite inexpensive, starting from $10 and could go up to as costly as you can afford.

WordPress.org offers a plenty of themes but not all support high functionality. You can take the help of a developer, or if you know how to use plugins, you can do it by yourself.

WordPress.com Maintenance:

WP beginners who are testing out the blogging platforms don’t have the technical skills or the budget required to handle the maintenance and development of their site on their own. If you fall into the similar category, it’s in better to let the folks over at Automattic take care of it on its own. People who don’t have the budget, time or skills to devote to developing and maintaining their WP site should go for free WordPress.com

WordPress.com Maintenance:

With WordPress.org,  you have control over every aspect of development and site maintenance. A notification will appear on the admin panel every time a plugin needs to be updated. Ensure that you regularly update your plugins to avoid malfunctioning and vulnerabilities of your website. A developer or a person who possess adequate knowledge of site maintenance should consider WordPress.org. There are several plugins to add high-functionality and user-friendliness on your website, and if you are stuck somewhere with an issue, WordPres.org has forums to support those problems.

WordPress.com Restrictions

With free WP website, you have limited control over your website as it is not completely yours. Not only you will have restrictions to premium plugins but also get limited space. Also, there are various ads added to your websites, which diminishes the engagement on your website. Be aware that if your site ever gets hacked, you can’t restore it because you never made backups of the site’s files as you don’t have access to the core files of your website.

WordPress.org Restrictions

Nothing is restricted in WordPres.org. The only obstruction in WordPres.org is the boundary set as per your hosting plan. With it, you can use any plugin or theme you desire, customise your site’s appearance, enable advertisements, even tweak the database if need be and add custom code to your files.


When it comes down to freedoms, cost, limitations and maintenance, WordPress.org is an obvious choice. It takes the time to build a complete WordPress.org website, but you will at least have full control of your website. Not only you’ll be able to use multiple themes to enhance the look but also use plugins to improve the functionality of your website. What’s your choice among WordPress.org and WordPree.com to develop a website? Let us know in the comment section.


Sophia Phillips is a PSD to WordPress conversion expert with a hands-on experience in developing front-end for websites. Currently, she is employed with WordPrax Ltd.- a leading WordPress Development company. Sophia has written a remarkable number of articles on WordPress tricks and tip.

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